Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, Serene Tourist Attractions

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a small island about 270 miles in length. It is approximately 140 miles wide and, in general, the country covers about 25,330 sq. miles. This is equivalent to 65,610 sq.kms. The island is positioned to the southernmost end of the Indian continent. Sri Lanka is a very amazing island. It holds a natural serene beauty with an extensive range of terrain. The landscape has undulating ranges of cool mountains and the lush forests. Magnificent beaches and extremely hot arid areas can also be found.  Sri Lanka has a wide diversity of wildlife sanctuaries that attract a huge number of tourists yearly. The sanctuaries are so amazing that after this post, I bet that you will get the urge to take a trip to this incredible island! The list below portrays some of the most marvelous wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, Lion

The Peak Wilderness Sanctuary

  • This is a natural reserve that bears a tropical rain forest. It is the third largest among the 50 sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. It covers an extensive area of 224 sq.km, around Adam’s Peak Mountain. Its contours vary — about 1000 to 7360 above sea level.
  • It has some tall mountains like Bena Samanala, Detanagala and Dotalugala. It is a source to kelani, kalu and Walave Rivers. It has three entry routes; Hatton route, palabaddala route and kuruwita route. The rain forest is maintained by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Department.
  • During rainy season, the sanctuary could be a threat due to consistent floods. The sanctuary is situated within the Sabaragamuwa mountain range.  Bar reef was declared a special management area, due to severe impacts from human activities. Bar reef is located at the North Western province of the Island nearing Puttalam.  It is maintained by the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka

The Bar Reef

  • The Reef was declared a sanctuary in 1992.
  • It covers an area of roughly 306.7 sq. km.
  • There are a series of coral reefs around the Kalpitiya peninsula.
  •  Reefs stretch in a parallel manner to the coastline.
  •  Home to approximately 156 species of coral reefs and an abundant species of fish.
  •  Over-exploitation of the fish is a major threat due to the use of unsuitable methods of fishing.
  •  Another threat received by the Bar Reef is pollution from activities of the human population on the coast.

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

  • This sanctuary is a historic reserve situated in the small city of Kandy. Its name implies a garden situated overhead the royal palace, famous for its extensive avifauna.  Different species of plants, lianas, shrubs and small trees can be seen.  Small animals, like reptiles, dwell here.  It was formerly designated as a forest reserve back in the year 1856 but became a full sanctuary in 1938. The sanctuary has a wide fauna and flora and is used as an education center. The sanctuary can be a good site for bird enthusiasts.
  • It covers an area of about 103 hectares.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, Turtle

Godavaya Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Home to wildlife turtle species; Hawksbill, Leatherback, Green turtle, Loggerhead and the Olive Ridley Turtle.
  • The sanctuary offer the best leatherback turtle nesting scene.
  • It has the greatest nesting population on the island.
  • It was declared a wildlife sanctuary by the government of Sri Lanka.
  • Covers an area of 3.85 sq. km.

Finally, touring Sri Lanka requires one to have a visa, which can be obtained online. The Electronic Travel Authorization Department (ETA) is in charge of this .Those anticipating a visit to Sri Lanka can apply online on the ETA website. Visas are limited to one month from the day of arrival, although local arrangements for deliberations can be made and extended for up to six more days.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, Serene Tourist Attractions

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