Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years: Animal Rescue

Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years

~ Jenny and Shirley ~

This tale of two elephants reunited after more than 20 years is actually an older story, but when I came across it the other day I knew I had to share it with you. You’ll know why after you watch the short video.

Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years

Shirley and Jenny had been together in a circus about 22 years prior to this video.  Watch this reunion when a crippled Shirley, after spending more than 20 years alone, was brought to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, to be reunited with Jenny,

Let me know if this touched your heart like it did mine. 

Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years

Uploaded on Sep 19, 2011

Sweet, right?  You can sense the bonding right away, caressing each other with their trunks.  Wow.  When they met at the circus 22 years ago, Jenny was just a calf and Shirley was in her 20’s. They lived one winter together before being separated.

Jenny died peacefully in 2006.  Shirley and their caregivers were there with her.

More about Shirley and Jenny:


** A special thanks goes out to Soloman – Shirley’s caregiver of 20 years. **

“I don’t know who was the first to put chains on her (Shirley), but I’m glad to know that I was the last to take them off.  She’s free at last.”

Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years
Soloman wishes a bittersweet good-bye to Shirley


I hope you have enjoyed, “Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years

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