How to Pet-Proof Your Garden – Safe Gardening with Pets

How to Pet-Proof Your Garden

If you have a flower or vegetable garden during the summer months, you know how much time and labor go into its upkeep. The last thing you want is your pet romping around and ruining everything you’ve put into it.  But perhaps even more important than keeping things beautiful is to keep your pet safe.  Protect your pet by being aware of poisons you may be using by way of fertilizers, so check your labels. You may want to think about using safer, non-toxic methods of fertilizing, such as with compost or manure.  (And don’t forget some outdoor plants are a danger to your pet.) In the following infographic, you will get ideas on how to pet-proof your garden against disasters.

Check out these simple ways to pet-proof your garden against possible disasters.

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Pet-Proof Your Garden

Graphic provided by Home Advisor

Top 10 Deadly Poisonous Plants

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What other things have you done to pet-proof your garden?

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  3. I feel so for some of the pets I see when my husband and I exercise walk in a residential neighborhood between where I live and where I work. One has dug such a deep hole in one corner. I bet this dog wishes s/he could post this for his/her owner. I did the next best thing and shared it with my Facebook friends.


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