5 Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Healthy and Happy

Keep Your French Bulldog Healthy

French bulldogs are popular pets, but this dog breed often has special health problems. An owner must understand the best ways to help their animals live a long and happy life. Here are five ways that you can keep your French bulldog healthy.

5 Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Healthy and Happy
Image: Author, Brooke Chaplan

Monthly Baths

It is a good idea to give your French bulldog a soothing bath at least once a month. This breed of dog tends to have deep wrinkles that collect debris and they can develop matted hair. But with a monthly bath, you can remove the buildup of dirt, dry skin flakes and any fleas on the dog. Use a soft towel to dry your pet’s coat, and use a brush to eliminate any matted hair. Remember that French bulldogs’ large chests often make it difficult for the animal to swim unaided, so your dog may be nervous around water. Research how best to get your pet used to water and baths so you can bathe him without trauma.

Keep Your Dog Cool

French bulldogs tend to get overheated easily, so you must keep them in a cool environment. Use an air conditioner in your home or have circulating fans available to create a cooler place for your dogs to relax. When your French bulldog goes outside, he should have shady places available, including a doghouse or large trees. Make sure to keep fresh water available for your pets so they won’t become dehydrated.

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Caring for a Puppy

French bulldog puppies are energetic but small animals that require special care. Brush the puppy’s coat once a day to help the animal’s skin stay healthy. Create a safe environment in the home by making sure that there are no small spaces where a puppy can squeeze into and get hurt. Remember that puppies love to chew on things, so avoid having any electrical wires on the floor or any items that can degrade, leading to a choking or shocking danger.

Don’t Overfeed Your Dog

This breed of dog loves to eat, but if a French bulldog gains too much weight, then the animal can have several health problems, including leg joint pain. Look for a type of dog food that is formulated with only a small percentage of fat along with omega-3 fatty acids. The dry or canned dog food should also contain some carbohydrates to help your beloved pet have enough energy. And make sure your French bulldog gets plenty of exercises. Although these cuddly companions love to sleep, they do still need to move around. They do not need a lot of exerciseS, but they do need to take short walks or have playtimes daily.

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Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

French bulldogs tend to have dental health issues, so buy a toothbrush that is designed for your pet along with toothpaste that is formulated for dogs. Begin brushing your dog’s teeth at a young age so that the animal becomes accustomed to the process, and make a habit of brushing your dog’s teeth at least three times a week. Your dog may be uncomfortable at first, but over the long run, this will benefit both of you.

Routine Veterinarian Care

After buying (or adopting) a puppy or an adult dog, make sure to find a nearby veterinarian for your pet. You should schedule examinations and vaccinations for your French bulldog to ensure that he is happy and healthy. Make sure to do your research so you can understand the breathing and physical problems common to this type of dog so that your furry companion can live the best possible life.


“5 Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Healthy and Happy”

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