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Keep Your Pet Safe in the Yard

When we adopt our family pet, we want them to feel like a genuine part of our family, and this includes allowing them to run and play in the yard to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Although this is a noble and compassionate idea, you may want to consider having a good look around your property before letting your pet out to play. Follow these 3 suggestions to keep your pet safe in the yard.

3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Yard
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Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Yard

1. Secure Fencing

One of the most secure fixtures you can add to your yard to ensure the safety and protection of your pet is a fence. When choosing the best design and material for your fence, it’s important to consider the size, agility, and strength of your pet. If your family pet is a smaller size with minimal biting force, aerial agility, and clawing power, then a regular chain link fence would provide more than enough security to allow your pet to roam freely in your yard.

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However, if you’ve adopted a larger, stronger dog with a powerful bite, you may want to consider purchasing a fence made of a stronger, thicker material such as iron. There are many attractive and efficient ornamental iron fences available that will protect your pet and add elegance to the exterior of your home. When you begin shopping for a decorative iron fence, be sure that the opening between the bars is narrow enough to prevent your pet from slipping itself through them and escaping.

2. Avoid Poisonous Greenery

The crown jewel of any yard is the colorful spectacle that is your garden. Exotic plants are one of the most popular choices for home gardens, but these fascinating beauties can also pose a danger to free-roaming pets. Certain plants can be poisonous to your pets if they are chewed or ingested. Some of these toxic plants are daffodils, lilies, and tulips just to name a few. Be sure to do proper research on all of the plants you have in your yard before allowing your pet to roam free.

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3. Remove Dangerous Items

Once your pet is allowed in the yard to free-roam, the entire area becomes fair game to their every whim. If your pet is especially curious and tactile, he may find a stray gardening tool or bag of fertilizer on which to chew, which can be a hazardous situation. Before you allow your pet out to roam free, ensure that you’ve picked up all stray items that might pique their interests. Even tiny toys can pose a choking hazard to a playful and curious pet.

Also, remember to properly block any crawl spaces you may have on the outside of your house. These crawl spaces can seem like the perfect play place to your pet, but could also pose many untold dangers.


Free to Roam: 3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Yard

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