Keep Your Pets Safe From These Dangerous Pests

Keep Your Pets Safe From These Dangerous Pests

This great infographic will provide you with a wealth of information on pests that are dangerous in some way to your pets. It will show you all the different and sometimes surprising ways in which pests can be potentially deadly to your household pets, and give tips on how to keep your pets safe from these dangerous pests.

Most pet owners are aware of fleas, which can cause a lot more trouble than you might think. Those who own a beloved pet, especially cats and dogs, have probably found fleas at some point in their pets’ day-to-day life. Treating your pet is most definitely the first point of action when you spot the signs of an infestation, but bedding and chairs need to be treated too, to offset subsequent episodes of the flea problem.

Keep Your Pets Safe From These Dangerous Pests

Rodents are also a potential hazard to pets. Plenty of animals will give chase to a rodent, but what if that rodent retaliated and bit your cat or dog? Rodents can pass on serious illnesses, and one bite is all it takes to infect your pet. It’s always advisable to look out for the signs of rats or mice around your home, such as droppings and chewed wood, not just for the safety of your beloved pets, but for the security of your household too.

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Particularly in the summer season, wasps are aplenty. Wasps will harm any animal they feel threatened by, but dogs can be the most sensitive to wasp venom. Their stings could possibly cause kidney failure, and your pet may even be allergic to the sting, which can be deadly. If you know that you have a nest on your property, keep all of your pets away from it, and let a professional pest controller deal with the extermination and removal of the colony.

Keep Your Pets Safe From These Dangerous Pests

Ticks are another familiar pest that pet owners experience regular issues with. These parasites will suck the blood from your pet, and can also transmit potentially lethal diseases. If you have a pet that spends a lot of time outdoors, make sure you regularly inspect their skin, and if you spot a tick then bring your pet to the vets straight away to have it removed.

This superb mega infographic has been brought to our blog by pest experts Pest Exterminators Ltd. The best method of keeping your family pets guarded from pests is to be vigilant about protection and on-going prevention.

Infographic By Exterminators Pest Control Services | The London Pest Control Experts

Here’s hoping you’ve learned enough from this article to help keep your pets safe from these dangerous pests this coming year.

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Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Your Pets Safe From These Dangerous Pests”

  1. One of my dogs have been stung in the mouth either buy a B or a wasp a couple of years ago. She is always a happy dog and continued to wag her tail even though her face was very puffy Gave her benedryl and fortunately she recovered.

  2. I always worry about house centipedes and brown recluse spiders here. The centipedes are venomous but have trouble biting larger animals (from what I’ve been told). The recluses are what truly worry me. They are in the area and Bear Cat is not kind to spiders if I don’t take them away first.


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