7 Helpful Tips for Leaving Your Pet Home Alone

7 Helpful Tips for Leaving Your Pet Home Alone

Leaving your pet home alone can seem daunting, regardless if it’s the first time or the hundredth time. It’s natural to worry about your pet’s happiness or possibly what kind of destruction you might come back to. (If and when that happens, here are a few tips on how to clean up.)

7 Helpful Tips for Leaving Your Pet Home Alone
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Since the time apart is mentally taxing on both the owner and the pet, here are a few ways to ease both of your minds. These are some helpful tips when you are leaving your pet at home for a day or overnight:

  1. Automatic Feeder

It’s best to invest in an automatically-timed feeder to dispense your pet’s dinner around the same time you would feed him, which will keep your pet at ease knowing that while something is different, (you not being there), not everything is changing. 

  1. Pet Camera

Getting a pet camera is more to help us feel better since your pup can’t see you. (Let’s be honest —if he could, that could lead to quite the fiasco!) Keeping an eye on your pets with a pet camera gives you peace of mind about how they’re doing.

  1. Plenty of Toys

Since your fur baby won’t have you to depend on for play time, it’s important to leave out plenty of toys so Fido can entertain himself. Interactive toys, like a treat dispenser, are also a great way to “play” with your dog while you’re away!

For puppies, being left home alone can be especially stressful. It might be a good idea to leave some tasty chew treats to keep them occupied while you are away.

  1. Tire Them Out!

Give your fur babies some extra lovin’!

About an hour or two before you go, give them so much attention and playtime that they get tired and get knocked out. By the time our pups wake up, you’ll be home and ready to play!

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  1. Something Familiar 

Before you go, leave something of yours for your pup or kitty, so they have something that smells like you while you’re gone. Since our pets bond with us like they’re part of the family and have a powerful sense of smell, your scent will allow them to feel comfortable and familiar even when you’re gone.

  1. Don’t React

 As odd as it may sound, it’s important not to react when you’re leaving. Cats are indifferent as we come and go, but dogs are a bit more dependent—especially if they have separation anxiety. If you give too much attention as you leave, Fido will want to come with you and may experience heightened stress when he realizes he’s not going with you.

  1. Ask a Friend

 Lastly, the best thing you can do for your peace of mind and your pet’s safety is to ask a friend or a pet sitter to stop by and tend to their needs. It may cost some extra money, but it’s worth it knowing that everybody is safe and happy, your pets are getting some nice socialization while you’re gone, and your friend gets to hang out with your adorable pets.

It’s a win for everybody!

It’s important to remember that leaving your pet home alone for more than a day is a recipe for disaster unless a trusted friend or pet sitter can come to check on them and tend to their needs.

Every pet requires different attention—some dogs are more prone to separation anxiety, whereas cats are usually okay without interaction for a couple of days. Evaluate what kind of pet you have and how you could do the best for him or her.


“7 Helpful Tips for Leaving Your Pet Home Alone”

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  1. I’ve actually tried the pet camera method and ended up becoming really curious as to what my dogs do all day long. So I started recording a lot and it turned out to be really funny and eye opening. Like, they break rules when I’m not around (such as entering my office). They are like little kids! I think it’s something every dog owner should do 🙂
    Jill <3


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