3 Ways To Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

3 Ways To Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

Pets bring joy into the lives of so many people, but getting a pet is taking on a significant and serious responsibility. Everyone wants the best for their pets, and as owners, we must do what is best for them. One of the ways you can do this is to make your home more pet friendly. By doing this, your pets will be living in a much more suitable environment for their needs and will cause you less of a headache. Read on to learn three ways you can make your home more suitable for pets.

3 ways to make your home more pet friendly.

Install A Fence

For dogs, in particular, a fence is practically a must and is primarily a must if you live in an urban or suburban area. Fences allow dogs and even other pets to play and wander outside while remaining safe. Before signing a contract to get a fence installed, make sure your new structure will meet all local requirements, as well as the rules of your homeowner’s association if you are a part of one.

There are other considerations to make when putting in a fence as well. For example, will your dog be able to dig under it? Will the fence be tall enough that your dog cannot jump over it? This isn’t always as simple as only looking at the height of the proposed fence. If your yard has an incline, he still may be able to jump over it with a running start. Aesthetics are a consideration as well, so look into the various styles of fences and select one that not only meets your pet’s needs but your own as well. For example, you might prefer a vinyl fence which requires less maintenance than a wooden one.


Keep Your Pets Safe From These Dangerous Pests

Get Rid Of All Toxic Items

Common plants, such as azaleas and dieffenbachia, for example, are toxic to dogs. A poisonous plant is particularly a problem if you have or are getting a puppy because they want to chew on everything. Antifreeze is also a significant problem because, not only is it toxic, it tastes sweet, making pets more likely to ingest it. These items either need to be removed from the home or placed in locations where your pet cannot get to it.

Toxic items aren’t the only things you should either remove from your home or at the very least keep out of reach of pets. Keep an eye out for small toys or other items that are a choking hazard for a pet and remove them removed immediately. Put yourself in your pet’s paws and look around at ground level. Are there any window shade cords they could get to and choke on? What about electrical wires? As with young children, it’s always safest to cover wall outlets. Keep human medications and foods, particularly harmful foods such as chocolate, out of reach of pets. Some pets go through the trash, where they can get at all kinds of problematic items, so either put trash cans behind a door or keep them covered at all times.

Install Other Structures

For example, if you are getting one or more cats, you should purchase and find sufficient space for cat towers. For your sake, the owner, who has to clean up after your new pet, consider installing more convenient cleaning options, such as a central vacuum hose. Even smaller pets can use some upgrades, such as perches for birds. You can convert existing space, particularly near an entryway, into a dedicated animal space where all their things can be kept.

There are also more permanent renovations to consider. For example, hardwood floors are better if you have pets because they are more difficult to mar than a carpet. Replace any expensive or essential rugs with inexpensive ones, because a pet will likely shred it or make a mess on it at some point. If you do want carpets, match them to fur color and strongly consider low pile carpets because they are easier to clean. Also, do not get a carpet that has loops—pets can get their toenails caught and either injure themselves or unravel the rug.


Your pets deserve the best, which is why you should seriously consider making the necessary modifications to make your home more pet friendly. Follow the advice of those with experience and see what works for you, your family and your pets. Your pet will love his new home, and you will have an easier time caring for him.

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  1. Great tips. We are constantly finding ways to make our cats happy. My hubby put a small piece of carpet on the sink edge so they won’t slip when getting a drink. He make a perch on the windowsill with a water cup holder so the ones that like to drink out of people cups can have water there.


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