Ways to Honor and Remember Your Deceased Dog Forever

Honor and Remember Your Deceased Dog Forever

The bond of love and affection that we share with our pets is always a special one. Our relationship is so close that it can be better understood in terms of genuine emotions for each other. Dogs are indeed our closest friends because their unconditional love for us makes them more than just a pet.

There are many ways by which you can honor and remember your deceased dog forever to keep his memory alive. Here are several ways to do that.

If you are a dog owner, you surely know how valuable your canine friend is to you. You must have observed that he will do everything to stay with you and he tries to tell you that he means it. You too, on the other hand, find every excuse to be with him and play incessantly with him.


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However, being a dog owner, you must also be ready to brace the unfortunate fact that one day he will be gone forever. If you have already lost your beloved dog, then this must be a devastating time for you to go through. Coping with the death of your dog is not easy, but it can be the time to immortalize your mutual relationship. There are many beautiful ways by which you can honor and remember your deceased dog forever and keep his memory alive.

Ideas to honor and remember your deceased dog forever:

1. Turn his ashes into diamond

The genuine love you have for your deceased dog may be etched in your heart forever, but you can do certain things with his remains. If you are bereaved by the passing away of your dog, then forging his ashes into diamonds will be an excellent idea. A jewelry that you can adorn for the rest of your life which is made up of his ashes will always connect you with him. There cannot be a better tribute than this. You can also tell your friends that the sparkle of the diamond carries the memories of your beloved pet.

2. Give him an honorable burial

Giving your dog an honorable burial is an excellent choice to pay homage to your pet, and in this way, you can visit his burial site as often as you like. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before doing that. You need to know the local regulations of the area where you are going to bury him. There are pet cemeteries that can offer you a comforting place to visit your pet’s remains. His body must be buried deep enough so that no other animal such as skunks or foxes can dig the body out. In addition to that, at the burial site, you can bid him farewell with your family and friends, and express your true feelings for him, making it a proper memorial for him.

3. Plant a tree in his memory

Trees live a long life, so planting a tree in honor of your dog will be an excellent gift to his soul. As the plant grows, you will remember the times you have spent with your companion. You will recall how the unconditional love of your furry friend could never be questioned. After the planted tree fully grows, it will become a habitat for many other life forms for a long time to come. So, this will signify that a new life can be grown over a previous one. You could also create a space in the backyard of your house that you can associate with your dog.

4. Create mementos to remember your dog

Creating keepsakes may comprise making photo albums and collages of pictures of your deceased dog with your whole family. Having printed photographs will allow you to cut and paste them to form a collage. In this way, your dog’s memories will always be in front of your eyes. Also, converting the tag of your dog into a keychain or a bracelet will reflect his whole journey with you.

5. Taxidermy

Not every owner would like to go for this option, but taxidermy is certainly not unheard of. In fact, today many pet owners are giving a thought to preserving the dead bodies of their pets – which is what taxidermy is. Some would find it creepy, but for others, taxidermy is a way of remembering their dogs by keeping their freeze-dried bodies around forever.


These are just a few of many ways by which you can honor and remember your deceased dog forever and show your eternal love. As a pet owner, you will most likely outlive your pets, but their genuine and unconditional love for you deserves to be remembered in some way.


“Ways to Honor and Remember Your Deceased Dog Forever”

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