35,000 Pacific Walruses Stranded on Alaska Beach

35,000 Pacific Walruses Stranded on Alaska Beach

Dwindling sea ice has forced the largest walrus crowd seen so far onto Alaska’s northwest beaches.  The unusually massive walrus gatherings were first spotted in September when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) conducted its annual arctic marine mammal aerial survey.

35,000 Pacific Walruses Stranded on Alaska Beach
35,000 Pacific Walruses Stranded on Alaska Beach

The Arctic Sea ice is critical to walruses.  The ice serves as a floating platform, delivering walruses to rich feeding grounds and providing a place for them to rest between feeding, as well as a place to raise their young.

Sadly, dramatic temperature increases in the Arctic caused by climate change are melting the summer sea ice, decreasing it in size, and forcing walruses ashore in huge groups, especially females and their calves.  Due to the overcrowded beaches of walruses now, there is less food to keep them thriving, and their survival rates diminish due to trampling and predation by bears.

As more ice dwindles, the Arctic will experience some of the most dramatic changes our generation has ever witnessed. This loss will impact the annual migration of wildlife through the region, threaten the long-term health of walrus and polar bear populations, and change the lives of those who rely on the Arctic ecosystem for their way of life.


This news is yet another reminder that we need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions—the main human factor driving massive climate change.


The Obama Administration is taking steps to reduce US pollution through the EPA Clean Power Plan and we need to make sure to see these changes through to fruition.  World Wildlife Fund


Take action and help protect walruses, polar bears and all species—including us humans. Tell the President to answer the call for US leadership and a safer, clean energy future for America, and that you support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

See pictures of the Pacific Walruses Stranded on Alaska Beach and read more at CNN.

Pacific Walruses Stranged on Alaska Beach
Image by Lindsay Robinson / Flickr

Thank you for taking action!

Recently, 400,000 activists demanded action on climate change at the People’s Climate March, sending a clear message to the President:  We want climate action now.

Watch the Video:

The People’s Climate March Grabs the World’s Attention

Activism is an important part of the American culture. Without speaking up, your elected officials will never know what you want them to do as your representative. Hear directly from activists like you at the march in World Wildlife Fund’s latest video. Then, be sure to share the video with your friends and family to encourage them to get involved in taking action with you.

30,000 Pacific Walruses Stranded on Alaska Beach


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  1. I wish more could be done to save our wildlife. It’s the pollutants in the air, from cars to factories and many other distasteful processes that will ruin the world as we know it.

    I hope the president hears the pleas of the American public and does something about it; even though I have no faith he will. 🙁

  2. So sad for the walruses Jeanne. I hope that they find enough food to maintain their strength and health. People don’t believe in climate change but this is obviously proof its happening.

  3. It just seems to me like there is no way to reverse the effects the careless human population has had on our environments.
    most are so unaware of anything but their own little worlds they have no idea how what they do is having dramatic results to God’s creatures.


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