Perfect Pets for a Small Space and How to Move With Them

Perfect Pets for a Small Space

Written by:  Caleb McElveen

There are many advantages to living in an apartment. Your monthly payments are much cheaper, there is no long term commitment, and you have more flexibility in your life. But many think that living in an apartment can present one major disadvantage, not being able to own a pet.

Our pets are more than just an animal that lives in our home. They become our best friends and a part of our families. Living in an apartment or small space doesn’t have to eliminate your opportunity to have a pet.  Here are some perfect pets for a small space:

Aquatic Friends

The most obvious pet of course would be an aquatic pet. All you need is a place for an aquarium to Perfect Pets for a Small Spaceaccommodate the specific species and you are good to go. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning an aquarium and these responsibilities need to be followed strictly. Some of these duties include feeding your pet properly, correctly cleaning the aquarium and accessories, and making sure they are equipped with the right environment. For these pets, space in your apartment is not a necessity. While you can’t cuddle with these pets, they are amazing creatures that bring a certain beauty to your living space.

The “Lazy” Dogs

These guys will hold a special place in your heart. They love to be on the couch next to you and do not need a big backyard to run around. While they still need their exercise, taking these dogs on a walk around your complex or neighborhood is enough. They will tire out pretty quickly and want to be back on the couch with you. Breeds like the English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, and Great Dane are great small space dogs. I know they may seem like big dogs, but they actually only need a minimal amount of space. With a lot of loving, these dogs make the perfect fit for small living quarters.

Small Breeds

Perfect Pets for a Small SpaceWhile I was against getting a small dog because it didn’t go along with my manhood, our thirteen pound little girl now has me wrapped around her paw. [amazon_textlink asin=’0764120956′ text=’Small breeds’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’animalbliss-blog-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702b74c8-0863-11e7-991d-01809bb865ef’] are great for an apartment. While they are more active and have more energy, any size apartment will seem big enough to them. In this space, they can get plenty of exercise through regular walks and play. Even outside, they do not need much room. Your little friend will make your apartment their own playground and be more than happy with their living arrangements. Not to mention most small breeds shed very little.

The Feline Family

If you decide to bring a cat into your home, this will be the most interesting pet you will ever own. It is Perfect Pets for a Small Spaceabsolutely true that when you want to give your cat some attention, they want none of it. But, when you are in the middle of something important, they always seem to have a change of attitude. So, you better drop what you are doing because they need undivided attention and love when they ask for it. Still, you can’t get mad because they can be extra sweet when they want to be. With limited space you can still provide an excellent environment for your cat. There are many ways that you can help your cat have fun in your apartment. A scratch pole and area for them to climb will keep them busy. They will also make your apartment theirs in every way.

Little Critters

Perfect Pets for a Small SpaceThese pets might need the least maintenance out of the bunch. They are perfect for apartments with children. If you think that your living quarters still can’t handle larger pets, these animals will definitely work. Pets like hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs will be great for your kids and help teach them responsibility. With little maintenance needed, your child can have a pet and learn to take care of it. Not to mention that they are extremely cute as well.

Other Pets to Consider

If your taste is a little more exotic, there are still pets that can call your apartment home. Other pets to consider could be:

Certain species of snakes – Snakes are actually a common pet in many households. The most common type of snake kept as a pet is the Python. With several breeds, the python is a docile snake and does not require extensive care.

Spiders – You must have a special place in your heart for these little guys. But if you do, they will work perfectly in any living quarters. The most common is the Tarantula.

The Reptile group – This is another type of pet that is perfect for exotic animal lovers. While they require special guidelines for their aquarium living quarters, they will not worry how big your home may be.

Birds – While not necessarily a common pet, they do not need much space. They are also a great pet for children while living in an apartment considering they do not require as much maintenance as a dog or cat. They need specific types of care, but still only require a certain amount of space.

Perfect Pets for a Small Space

How to Move Your Pet to a New Home

So don’t worry about having a pet in your apartment. There are plenty of options to have a special companion even with limited living space. And one day, you will be able to move your pet to a new home with all the space they need.


10 thoughts on “Perfect Pets for a Small Space and How to Move With Them”

  1. My daughter has always been fascinated with reptiles and since her birthday is coming up, my husband and I want to give her a snake to keep as a pet. Thanks for informing me that a python snake is a common kind that is usually kept as pets because they are docile and do not need a lot of care. My husband wants to go pet shopping over the weekend and I hope we also find a veterinarian for exotic pets.

  2. I’m living in a small house with my family, I have two kids and I wanna buy a small dog as a gift for daughter birthday present. She love dogs and so do I. I was thinking about corgis, they look cute and funny but they quite hyperactive. What do you think Jeanne? Are corgis a good choice for a small home?

  3. That’s a good point, Jennifer. Thank you for adding that. It’s true that a puppy can be a real “pain in the butt” if you don’t know what to expect, and a small space might not be ideal. As you say, an already-trained older dog or a rescue would be more suitable in this case. And they need us! 🙂


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