19 Pet Food Controversies That Will Shock You

Shocking Pet Food Controversies

You want only the best food for your pet and have no qualms about spending top dollar to buy the most expensive pet food products on the market today. But do you know what is actually in them or how they are made? Pet food controversies abound.

Check out this infographic listing 19 pet food controversies you may not be aware of surrounding the pet food industry in the past few years.
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Checking the label on the container before buying it may not always be enough because apparently, pet food labels don’t have to show the changes in ingredients immediately. As difficult as it may be to believe, pet food companies can continue to use their old labels on their products until they are all used up – even if they don’t paint the actual picture. So it might be a year or so before the label matches what is in the container.

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While most pet food is safe, educating yourself about what you are feeding your pets is the only way to ensure that they are on a nutritious and safe diet. Make sure you check the pet food company’s website regularly for any changes in ingredients. Meanwhile, here’s an infographic from TopDogTips listing a shocking 19 pet food controversies surrounding the pet food industry in the past few years. Take a look!

Check out this infographic listing 19 pet food controversies you may not be aware of surrounding the pet food industry in the past few years.

19 Pet Food Controversies that Will Shock You

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Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.


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9 thoughts on “19 Pet Food Controversies That Will Shock You”

  1. I grew up on a farm where we grew or made our own food from scratch. Was a lot more healthy, and tasted so much better. Thanks for all your very informative and interesting posts.

  2. How frustrating! I make a point of reading labels and didn’t know all the loopholes pet food companies are allowed. It makes me sick to think that I could be feeding Bear something that could hurt him – no matter the hours and struggles I’ve gone through to feed him the best I can. So many problems in the animal care world are caused by the general perception that animals don’t truly matter (“extermination” of ferals, kids not being taught not to harm animals, lack of standards in vet care and the food industry, etc.).

    • You are so right, Kat. The pet food industry has become something of a beast, I’m afraid. The world-view of things have changed considerably over time, and it’s not only pet food that could be hurting our pets, but it’s people food too! Most of the stuff on the grocery store shelves these days are made mostly of chemicals. It’s hard to find something that isn’t junk anymore. It’s maddening, and very sad. Thanks for your visit and your input. I always appreciate you.

    • Thank you, Gavin. I appreciate your comment. I love your website too. I was just reading your post about the African Porcupine. I had no idea they could live so long. Come back again, ya hear?

  3. Thank you for posting this information. Unfortunately, the lack of ethics seems to be a common ‘disease’ in many businesses globally. The best way to provide the best care possible for our animals is to educate ourselves by reading a variety of books, consulting with the professionals, and apply the same caring principles for our animals as we do for our own human family members. Unfortunately, even within the human food industry, our lack of understanding of good nutrition, identifying products that actually have nutritional value, and practices of preparing balanced and quality meals falls short of maintaining a strong and disease resistant body. We are at the mercy of big company brands only focused on profit. The best way, in my opinion, is to go back to the basics – simplicity and natural. Instead of processed food (human and animal food), we need to return to food that’s prepared in the home from ingredients we can identify (and spell). Yes, that takes more effort and time. It will also result in less waste (packaging ending up in a landfill). My dogs and cats love the variety of natural food (fish, veggies, fruit, etc.), need less amounts. I need to be conscious of balanced nutrition and that works out over a period of a week. Blessings to all who care for their animal companions.

    • Hey, Judy. Welcome to Animal Bliss. Yes, it’s true that there is a huge lack of ethics in the people and pet food industry these days. I was just saying on another visitor’s comment that it’s difficult to find anything on the grocery shelves anymore that’s not made of chemicals. It’s sad, really, that we can’t trust the industry to supply us with decent, healthy food. Even fruit and vegies are sometimes questionable, knowing that they get sprayed with who-knows-what. It’s best to grow your own, if possible. We do a lot of growing here. All the very best to you, Judy. I’m happy for your visit. Peace


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