Pup Growing Old? 5 Ways To Care For Your Aging Dog

Is Your Pup Growing Old?

Is your pup growing old? Whether you’ve adopted a senior canine or the dog you got as a puppy is reaching the end of a long life, caring for an aging dog can be a challenge. Physical and mental changes mean that your pet requires more from you to stay healthy and happy. Here are five ways you can make your aging dog’s life easier.

Pup Growing Old? 5 Ways To Care For Your Aging Dog

Feed Your Aging Dog a Healthy Senior Diet

Senior dogs have different nutritional requirements than younger dogs, and older dogs are more prone to diseases that require specialized diets. Some dogs lose weight as they age, while others become overweight when activity slows down. Ask your veterinarian for specific diet recommendations based on your pet’s individual needs.

Maintain Your Senior Dog’s Health

Take your senior dog in for checkups twice a year instead of just once. Many veterinarians recommend a yearly senior screening blood panel and urinalysis along with a rabies vaccination once every three years.  Older dogs also need regular dental cleanings from a vet as well as daily tooth brushing by their owners at home.

Encourage Appropriate Activities for Your Pet’s Age

Senior dogs sometimes experience health issues that hamper movement, but exercise is still essential for maintaining your pet’s weight and overall health. While vigorous play sessions might be difficult, you can still take your aging dog for walks or engage in a gentle game of catch. Limit exercise sessions to about 20 to 30 minutes so your dog doesn’t get overworked.

Exercise Your Dog’s Aging Mind

A dog’s brain ages along with his body. Providing your pet with mental challenges, such as hiding treats for him to find, keeps him mentally alert. Teaching your older dog new tricks or providing new toys can also stimulate his mind.

Make Household Accommodations for Your Aging Dog

If your aging dog exhibits signs of arthritis or muscle weakness, consider adapting your home to accommodate his limited mobility. Ramps can help an older dog who has trouble navigating stairs, and orthopedic pet beds placed around the home give your dog a place to rest any time of day. Raised feeding platforms help put your dog’s food within easy reach.

Getting older affects every dog, and what you do to help your pet through this stage of life makes a huge difference in how easily your dog navigates all the changes. Proper care for your aging dog can help him live longer and enjoy his time with you more.

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Is your pup growing old? What do you do to help maintain his health?

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