Are Rawhide Dog Treats Safe for Your Dog?

Are Rawhide Dog Treats Safe for Your Dog?

We all know that dogs love rawhide dog treats but are they safe for our dogs? This has been in question for many years, and there are good points from both sides of the fence.

How are rawhide dog treats made?

Rawhide comes from the hide of animals. For the most part, they are made from the inner layer of a cow or horse hide. During manufacturing, the hides are pressed into various shapes and sizes.

Some manufacturers add flavorings such as beef, chicken, or liver to make them even more appealing to your dog.

Are Rawhide Dog Treats Safe for Your Dog?

What are the benefits of rawhide dog treats?

This type of dog treat is very popular with dogs. Rawhide dog treats are chewable, and dogs love to chew.

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew – they need to chew. Some dogs can spend hours chewing; for these dogs, it’s an excellent idea to have something that they are allowed to chew on rather than having them resort to chewing on your furniture or shoes.

Chewing is one of the best things to keep dogs with an anxiety disorder occupied.

Puppies need to chew – especially when they are teething.

Chewing keeps your dog’s jaws strong, his teeth clean, and helps to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh.

When dogs regularly chew on things, it serves to control tartar buildup on their teeth.

Are their risks to be aware of with rawhide dog treats?

There are some risks associated with all dog treats. Some of the more common risks are related to rawhide dog treats.

There are trace amounts of contamination with rawhide treats – a trace amount of toxic chemicals, but this is not exclusive to rawhide dog treats. There are “some” chemicals in just about everything dogs (and people) ingest.

When you are giving your dog a rawhide dog treat for the first time, only give him a small piece to see how he does – does he chew it or does he try to swallow it whole? Once they’ve ingested it, wait a day or two to see how it reacts with their system – some dogs are more sensitive to rawhide than others. You’ll also be watching for an allergic reaction. If any sensitivity develops, do not continue – find another type of chewable treat for your dog.

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If your dog does not chew rawhide, but rather eats it, it’s not a good idea to give it to him, as rawhide can pose a choking or blockage problem if swallowed whole. Choking or blockages are severe medical issues that can end up costing you lots of money to fix – there is even the chance of death.

Although rawhide dog treats are an economical treat that is suitable for a number of reasons, organic or natural dog treats will always be better for your dog. Organic and natural dog treats will not contain toxic chemicals and would be a much healthier treat option.

There are little to no regulations imposed on manufacturers that make rawhide dog treats, with no real safety measures, so you’ll never know exactly what your dog is ingesting.


“Are Rawhide Dog Treats Safe for Your Dog?”

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