Storm Preparedness for Pets – Are You Ready?

Storm Preparedness for Pets

Storm preparedness for pets may not always be on our minds, but when storm warnings come around, one can never be too prepared! When getting ready for an emergency there are a number of things to consider — like supplies, gas, safety measures for your home, etc. — but one thing we may overlook could be the most important thing in our households: our pets!

Storm preparedness for pets - Are You Ready?

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Many counties, such as Palm Beach County, Fl, have issued domesticated animal emergency procedures alongside storm procedures. Rich Anderson, Executive Director of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League says that it is important to take care of your pets and ensure they will be safe through a potential storm, according to CBS12.

“If you haven’t already, start getting your supplies ready,” Anderson said. “At least three days. Ideally a week of food, and add any medications your animal requires. We try to emphasize pet identification is critical at this time.”

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While ensuring that there is ample food and water not only for yourself but for your pet as well, having your animal chipped or registered may be critical in a worst-case scenario.

“Many animals get separated from their owners during a storm, as residents are either forced to evacuate to shelters that do not permit pets or they are simply startled by the storm,” reads a CBS article on the topic. “That’s why it is important to make sure your pets are microchipped and wear id tags with up-to-date phone numbers”

If your best option is to leave town to wait out the storm, make sure that you leave your pet with someone you trust, or at a shelter, you have a relationship with. For pets that may get nervous in thunderstorms, consider investing in a storm blanket or jacket, which use compression to ease the nerves of jumpy pets.

If you don’t already have one, a crate or carrier may be crucial in a pinch for smaller animals (try carrying a cat in a downpour without one — it doesn’t turn out well.) A collar with your name, address and phone number is also a given.

For smaller animals, like hamsters, snakes, birds, etc., be sure to research the best ways to prepare supplies for them, as well as the best transportation practices.

For example, birds may need to be misted if they are taken out of air conditioning and are in hot environments for a long period of time. Multiple changes of bedding should be brought along if you are unsure of how long you will be away from your home so that the hygiene of your pet is not endangered.

Storm preparedness for pets - Are you ready for anything?

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In general, you need to be aware of the environment you are bringing your pet into. Taking a pet onto public transportation, especially in the wake of a storm or evacuation, will prove to be extremely stressful to the pet and, ultimately, to you and those around you. Keep your pet’s interests in mind as well. For another example, a large dog may not feel comfortable staying with a friend who lives in a 4th-floor apartment with no immediate access to a yard or wide-open space.

Books about for pet safety in the case of emergencies can be found here. Remember that in the case of a storm, your pet will be confused and afraid. Be sure to console them and keep them calm through the entire process. They are sure to be thankful!


“Storm Preparedness for Pets – Are You Ready?”

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We lost electricity for a week, and our dogs are raw fed, so that became the challenge, keeping their food from spoiling. I might add to this post to have some emergency kibble on hand, in situations such as what happened here.
Thanks Jodi!

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A QUESTION FOR YOU:  Are you and your pets prepared in case of a storm comes?

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13 thoughts on “Storm Preparedness for Pets – Are You Ready?”

  1. We live in the northeast. About 4 years ago we had this freak massive snowstorm in October. The trees hadn’t shed their leaves and the heavy, wet snow brought tons of trees down. Our governor declared us a ‘disaster area.’ Thankfully, we didn’t need to evacuate, but we did need to shelter in place.

    We lost electricity for a week, and our dogs are raw fed, so that became the challenge, keeping their food from spoiling. I might add to this post to have some emergency kibble on hand, in situations such as what happened here.

    Thanks for sharing, there were lots of good tips in here!

  2. There are so many awesome tips in this post – I attended a luncheon with Hills and learned about their Disaster Preparedness Program which was really interesting and the one big take-away was what your guest author mentions — a crate. It may seem obvious but we know from watching the aftermath of disasters that it’s not. Having crates for the number of animals in your homes is really key. You will use these if a disaster happens. great post!

    • Hey, Christine, thanks for taking the time to read our post. You are right about crates being important to have on hand for each of your pets in case of an emergency. I’ll bet the majority of pet owners don’t have them (myself included). Luckily here in Michigan we don’t get the major storms that occur elsewhere. I’m glad for your visit. Stop by again sometime. Cheers.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Mary. Yes, storm preparedness for pets is such an important topic, especially depending on where you live. I feel so bad for pets and owners who become separated after major storms. It must be heart-breaking for them. Cheers!

  3. What an incredibly important article! I am so glad we don’t really deal with such storms where I am from, but it is so crucial as a lot of people do! Thank you for writing this, it’s really great!!

  4. We have two emergency plans. One for home and one for when we travel. Including power of attorney and ownership rights for his “Sister Mom” here in Canada and funds to fly her no matter where we are to rescue him should both of us humans be … well… It’s important stuff this.

  5. I don’t have an emergency plan .. but should. At least putting together a box of stuff is one of the things I keep saying I’ll get around to doing – like painting the trim around the bedroom window


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