5 Tips For Making Dog Training Easy As Possible

5 Tips For Making Dog Training Easy As Possible

Having a well-behaved and properly trained dog says more about you than it does about your dog. Dogs that jump, nip or bite can be a problem for visitors and can injure someone. When things like that happen you may even have to get professionals, such as dog bite lawyers in Seattle, involved. Aggressive and fearful dogs can act out and injure or maim. But sometimes an overly playful dog can accidentally cause injury to someone who is smaller than them. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure your dog is well behaved. That is why you want to make sure that you take the time to train your pets. In general, dog training can be a pleasant experience for both the owner and the dog. Here are 5 tips for making dog training easy.

5 Tips For Making Dog Training Easy As Possible

Use A Professional Dog Trainer

Different trainers have different techniques so how do you find the right one? Ask you friends, family, veterinarian and the breeder or shelter where you got your dog from for a list of dog trainers that they know and trust. There is no better way to find a good dog trainer than by word of mouth. That way you can find the best possible trainer for you and your dog.

Train Your Dog Yourself

Tutorials on YouTube, online classes, books on Amazon and your local library carry dog training materials that you can use to start training your dog yourself. You can at least start with the basics on your own. That way you can build up a solid foundation to help other pets in the future. Knowing how to train animals can be a really great skill to have.

Enroll Your Dog In Group Dog Training

Group dog training is easier, faster and more efficient in teaching your dog new behaviors and commands. It also facilitates socialization with other dogs. You can go to the larger pet supply stores like Petco or PetSmart or check out a local trainer with a small business.

Dog Training Should Be Done At Home For Only A Few Minutes At A Time

Dogs generally have short attention spans. If you think you have a hard time making it through an hour-long class, how do you think your dog will feel? Keep sessions short to about 10-15 minutes and remember to reward your dog with treats, toys, and/or affection.

See Your Veterinarian If Your Dog Isn’t Making Progress

According to K9aggression.com, dogs can become increasingly aggressive and impulsive if they have an underlying medical issue. Medical problems need to be treated first before dog training can commence. By taking your dog in to get medical help as soon as you can, you cannot only help prevent more serious health issues but behavior issues as well.

No matter what method you choose to train your dog, make sure it’s fun for the both of you. The more fun you and your dog can have together, the stronger your bond will be and this will lead to successful dog training.


5 Tips For Making Dog Training Easy As Possible

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14 thoughts on “5 Tips For Making Dog Training Easy As Possible”

  1. Hello, Jeanne!
    Great way of doing training must say! This post is really very informative. Dog`s training is just something we can`t ignore. It has to be the best and creative which leads to efficiency and effectiveness. So much to look up!
    Thanks and keep sharing informative posts.

  2. My wife and I train our 3 dogs at the same time using carrots. It was quite difficult at first to keep their attention but after a few weeks, they were standing at attention like soldiers in boot camp lol. We’re slowly moving them up to more advanced commands like walking in reverse and between the legs, we train 1 at a time and use kongs to distract the other two!

    • Hi, Matt. Carrots are such a good idea to use as a training tool. That’s such a wise choice. You sound like you and your wife work hard with your dogs and I admire that. I can’t imagine how you would train a dog to walk in reverse. Do you dance with them as well? That would be fun. What kind of dogs are they? Thanks for stopping by.

  3. A veterinarian consultation can definitely be a smart move in some cases. You also make a good point about word of mouth, recommendation, and personal references for professional training options.

    • Thanks for visiting Animal Bliss today, Christina, and for your input too. You’re right, word of mouth recommendations are so valuable. I checked out your site and followed your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All the best!

  4. Great advice on dog training. I trained my dog myself, but I still think about taking her to a class to put the finishing touches on her training. Thanks for posting.

  5. My Australian Shepherd puppy loved group training! I tried to train him on my own when we first got her, but professional training was really helpful. Thanks for the good pointers!

    • I find it heart-breaking too, when a dog suffers because his owner hasn’t trained him. Some owners think their dogs should “just know” things. These people don’t know better, or, as you say, can’t be bothered. Sad. Thanks for your comment.


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