5 Dog-Approved Backyard Renovation Ideas

Dog-Approved Backyard Renovation Ideas

In order to create a dog-approved landscape design, you’re going to need to think like a dog when making design choices. Consider your dog’s habits and create a landscape that’s compatible with them. If necessary, do some research related to the breed or mix of breeds your dog is to learn what type of outdoor environment they would be happiest in. Following are a few backyard renovation ideas to suit your pet.

5 Dog-Approved Backyard Renovation Ideas

Lawn Area

A lush green yard is not the goal when creating a dog-friendly backyard. Limiting the amount of grass you include in the design and opting for more hardscape areas is the way to go. Smooth river rocks, flagstones, and mulch are good choices for your backyard. A brick or stone patio would be an attractive addition to your backyard design. It would also provide a nice relaxation area for you and your dog.


If you take a moment to think like a dog, you’ll realize that planting flowers against the fence is not a good idea. Dogs like to patrol their territory. Creating a stone or river rock walkway between the fence and any flowers or garden beds you include in the design will give your dog a patrolling walkway. This can save plants from getting trampled. It’s essential that you select pet-safe plants for your landscape design.

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Dog Zone

Dog-friendly landscape designs should include several dog zones. A dog house and water bowl should be placed in one zone. This zone should be a shaded area of the yard. You’ll probably want to create a designated potty zone for your dog. Many dogs like to dig. Adding a digging zone to your landscape design could delight your dog and save your flower beds.

Water Feature

A water feature is a focal point in many landscape designs. You could make your dog very happy by including a water fountain in your dog-friendly landscape. Fountains are available in a variety of sizes and designs. You could even add a spotlight to that area to make the fountain a statement feature in the design.


Safety should be a priority when designing a dog-friendly backyard. Fencing is the best way to keep your dog confined so that it doesn’t venture away from home, run out into traffic or encounter other types of danger. You can make a fence from steel products that would allow your dog to see what’s going on around them. A decorative gate can elevate the beauty of your landscape. You could also make a dog run inside of your yard if you want to keep another part of the property dog-free.

Safety and comfort are key elements in a dog-friendly backyard landscape design. Incorporating fun elements such as a ramp, tunnel or doggie pool would provide some very entertaining moments for you and your dog. By implementing some creative ideas, you can have a unique, functional and attractive dog-friendly backyard.

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