5 Must Haves for the Modern Equestrian for Top Performance

5 Must Haves For The Modern Equestrian

Whether you’re competing in races or doing the rounds at horse shows, it’s important to take care of your horse. The best equestrians have a hands-on role with their animals instead of just leaving them to trainers. Here are a few essentials for raising your horse to the highest possible standard.

5 Must Haves for the Modern Equestrian for Top Performance

Grooming Tools

There are many different types of brushes and combs for horse grooming. For example, a curry comb is used for dirt, mud and dead skin that builds up on your horse’s coat, and a mane brush is meant for untangling burrs and clumps of hair in their manes and tails. A finishing brush will bring a shine to their entire body. A sweat scraper can be used to wick away excess moisture after washing.

Regular Horse Grooming for a Healthy and Fit Horse

Dietary Restrictions

Everyone has a different opinion on equine nutrition, but regardless of what you choose to feed your horse, you’ll need to do it carefully, which means that you can’t overload their diet with apples and sugar cubes. To keep them in the best possible performing condition, you’ll need to stick to a well-researched health plan.

A High-Quality Environment

Their stable should be covered and ventilated for optimal temperature control during all seasons. Their grazing fields should be regularly checked for puddles and pits that could cause a sprained ankle. Their metal barn should be solidly constructed with an A-frame to prevent anything from happening to their hay storage. If you want a happy horse, you’ll need a happy home for them.

Turnout Blankets

Turnout blankets serve multiple purposes. For one, they’ll prevent a well-groomed horse from getting dirty before show time. They can also be used to keep a horse warm and dry in bad weather. Finally, if your horse tends to attract flies and other insects, a turnout blanket can keep the bugs at bay by providing less of a surface area for them to land.


You might need an entire range of saddles if your horse competes at various events throughout the year. For example, a barrel-racing saddle is designed for flexibility and maneuverability around sharp turns, but a cutting saddle is a heavy thing that will keep you in place during cutting events. Figure out which type of saddle will best suit your needs as a performer.

Equestrians will have different challenges and responsibilities than regular horse owners, so don’t assume that you already know how to stock your stables even if you’ve been riding for years. Make sure you do your homework about equestrian life. You’ll want both you and your horse to be fully prepared for the next show.


5 Must Haves for the Modern Equestrian for Top Performance”

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Animal Bliss is a really cool blog about animals, both domestic pets and wildlife too


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