Think You Know Cats? Think again – Take the Cat Quiz

Think You Know Cats?

I wonder if you know cats as much as you think you know cats. Let’s see about that!

If you’re like me, you’ve had cats in your household for a long time. And you can’t have just one, right?

We see our cats daily and learn their unique personalities, their idiosyncrasies, their likes, their dislikes.

There are a lot of books about cats out there, and I, for one, have read quite a few. Cats are such mysterious creatures, so it’s fun to learn more about them.

Think You Know Cats? Think again - Take the Cat Quiz. I got 80%

But there are a lot of things about the cat that we don’t realize, or even think about, I think.

For example, do you know what situation would cause your cat to stop purring? Do you realize how many vocal sounds a cat can make?

I wonder if you’ll be able to answer the question about cats’ claws correctly?

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge. It’s only ten questions long, so it will only take a few minutes.

My test score was 80%.

Let me know in the comments below how you fared.

Think You Know Cats?

Find out here.

How did you do? Were you surprised by any of the answers? Which ones did you get wrong (or right)? I got the claws question wrong, as well as the one about the vocal sounds. Share with us below

Let us know below how well you think you know cats.

Think You Know Cats? Think again - Take the Cat Quiz. I got 80% #cats Click To Tweet

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How well did you do on the quiz? Were you able to beat my score?

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6 thoughts on “Think You Know Cats? Think again – Take the Cat Quiz”

  1. I did the quiz and really enjoyed it. I was surprised at how little I knew as i have had cats all my life and i have been arounf for quite some time! haha
    I got 50%


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