Video of Talking Animals Never Gets Old, Take a Walk on The Wild Side

Video of Talking Animals Never Gets Old

~ Take a Walk on The Wild Side ~

This compilation video of talking animals never gets old.  It’s been around since 2010 and it still making its rounds, with almost 9 million views.  The excerpts were taken from the BBC One show ‘Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side’ and pieced together by DJ Shamrock for comedic effect.  Enjoy!

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2010

Video of Talking Animals

There are a lot of these types of videos available for viewing on YouTube.  I could spend all day long watching them.  I find them so clever.  I have a few more favorites that I will add to the collection now and then.

WORD OF THE DAY:  Anthropomorphization

Throughout the ages we, as humans, have had the tendency to impose our own interpretations, human feelings, and personalities on to our animal friends. This is called “anthropomorphization.”  We think we know what our pets are saying and feeling but it often simply reflects our own thoughts and how we might feel if given those same circumstances.

I’ll bet you’re guilty of anthropomorphization if you own an animal …

 Video of Talking Animals


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3 thoughts on “Video of Talking Animals Never Gets Old, Take a Walk on The Wild Side”

  1. Jeanne,

    Anything related to animals and silliness is golden. Teaches us to remind ourselves….Laugh through Life! No matter what, you can always smile, and lighten up, even in your darkest moments.

    Love it Jeanne, thanks!


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