Why Your Dog Deserves Homemade Dog Food

Why Your Dog Deserves Homemade Dog Food

Negative publicity has surrounded the pet food industry for many years. In 2007 there was a huge recall of dog food in the US that consisted of contaminated imported ingredients from China. A toxic industrial chemical called ‘melamine’ had polluted the rice protein and wheat gluten in several types of dog and cat wet food, biscuits and treats. Very sadly this accident resulted in the renal failure of many pets who subsequently became extremely ill and died. This is why it has never been more important to source quality dog food for your loyal companion.

Find out why your dog deserves homemade dog food instead of commercial dog food, often criticized for their methods in the mass production.

Commercial companies are often criticized for their methods in the mass production of pet food. The regulations surrounding the manufacture of food for animals are nowhere near as strict as those for humans. Although after the horsemeat scandal of 2013, that’s not saying much.

So it’s fair to say that dog owners have a justifiable lack of trust about what exactly goes into commercial pet food and whether or not it’s considered to be safe. Read on to find out why your dog deserves homemade dog food.

Fresh Ingredients

More and more dog owners are choosing to make homemade dog food. This gives owners peace of mind that their pooch is receiving fresh and healthy ingredients in their diet. Some owners may even choose to purchase premium organic food if they use it as part of their own meals.

Where to Start

If you’re interested in making the move to serving up fantastic homemade nosh for your dog, then the first thing you must do is speak to your vet. They may put you in touch with a specialist veterinary nutritionist. This is to ensure that your dog is given a homemade diet that fulfills its nutritional needs. Whatever the bad press surrounding commercial dog food, the fact remains that it has been constructed to be a nutritional all-rounder with added vitamins to support the organs and bones of canines.

Ideal Dog Diet – How to Ensure Your Dog Gets the Right Nutrition

Perfect Homemade Diet for your Dog

A nutritionist will base your dog’s diet on factors including age, breed, weight, activity levels and also physiology. Puppies, senior dogs or those with health issues will need extra support in their homemade dog food diet.

Appropriate attention will need to be given to the balance of fat, protein, and carbs in your dog’s diet and it may be necessary to mix in a daily canine vitamin supplement to ensure that nutritional goals are met.

Your vet might also request that your dog have annual routine blood tests to ensure that their liver and kidney function are both operating within normal ranges.

Special Treats for Dogs

Once you and your vet’s nutritional team have agreed on the formation of the diet, your dog will surely love the variation and freshness of the meals you give him. You don’t need to focus your culinary skills purely on mealtimes but can even adapt biscuit recipes so that you’re able to create your own range of sugar-free doggy treats.

Do you like the idea of giving your dog good food, but don’t fancy going the extra mile to prepare the meals yourself? If so, why not try purchasing a range of gourmet homemade dog food which has been prepared in a sterile environment and uses the finest nutritional ingredients for your dog? Pop into our dog grooming salon to find out more. It’s a perfect present for your pet this Christmas!


“Why Your Dog Deserves Homemade Dog Food”

Guest Author:  Lucy Creask runs Canine Sassoon, a luxury dog grooming salon and designer dog boutique in North Essex, U.K.

Updated from Dec/2015

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Do you make your own pet food? Why? or why not?

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3 thoughts on “Why Your Dog Deserves Homemade Dog Food”

  1. This is a good approach to this topic…I clicked here thinking it would be a bit of a judgemental “you should be making your dog’s food!” but that’s not your approach at all and I appreciate that. It’s a BIG undertaking to decide to do this for your furry friend (I’ve been contemplating making the do-it-yourself switch for my cats). It’ s not just that you decide one day to do it. Asking a vet nutritionist opinion is something I hadn’t thought of…I may look into it for my cats. My youngest cat has been struggling with her weight and my eldest cat has really poor dental health…so maybe there are more tailor-made meals I could potentially be making.

    Thanks for the encouragement and tips. I’m definitely leaning more in that direction!

    • Jaimee, I admire your desire to look into what you can do to lessen your critters’ health struggles and to try to find solutions for them. Changing a pet’s diet can be a pretty big thing, especially when considering making it yourself. It takes a fair bit of time and effort, that’s for sure. Good luck in your endeavors. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.


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