5 Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs (Infographic)

5 Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs

When we talk about medical benefits of cannabis, we can not avoid mentioning cannabidiol (CBD). One of the primary substances in the marijuana plant, CBD does not have the intoxicating effects that THC has, which makes it safe not only for humans but animals as well. In this article, we share with you five health benefits of CBD for dogs.

More folks are turning to cannabidiol for their pets. We outline five important health benefits of CBC for dogs in particular. Please share.

5 Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Over the past few years, vets are more than willing to recommend CBD for treating a number of conditions in our pups. Here are the top 5 medical benefits of cannabinoid on our beloved four-legged friends.

1. CBD reduces dog anxiety and fears

Separation anxiety, fear of fireworks, and thunder are phobias which can be eased with the correct dosage of CBD. The purpose of this marijuana product is to keep our fluffy friends relaxed and calm.

2. CBD helps with arthritis and joint pain

A lot of dogs, most usually larger breeds, tend to have mobility issues, especially while they age. Since inflammation and swelling is the leading cause of joint pain, and CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may be perfect for these types of conditions.

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3. CBD helps dogs battling cancer

Let’s get something straight. CBD can not heal dogs from cancer, but it can certainly help reduce pain, increase appetite and stop seizures.

4. CBD helps with glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common eye condition in dogs, especially in certain breeds. About 40 percent of dogs with glaucoma lose sight completely. But CBD helps keep the ocular pressure normalized and prevents further issues.

5. CBD reduces aggressive behavior in dogs

First of all, aggression in dogs should be dealt with by taking behavioral classes with your pet. CBD is an excellent addition to this, as it helps dogs stay calm and not get triggered by certain situations.

The following infographic explains some of the other health benefits of CBD for dogs while it also contains dosing instructions.

5 Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs (Infographic)
SOURCE: Many thanks to greencamp.com for the use of their infographic. Visit their website for more detailed information about the health benefits of CBD for dogs.

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