4 Ways to Avoid Dog Bites When Pet Sitting a Neighbor’s Dog

4 Ways to Avoid Dog Bites When Pet Sitting

Looking after a neighbor’s well-behaved pooch can be a pleasant and fun experience. That doesn’t mean that it’s not crucial to exercise caution at all times, however. Dog bites are always a risk. It doesn’t matter if you think you know your neighbor’s sweet canine inside and out. You have to do everything you can to avoid dog bites when pet sitting.

Avoid Dog Bites when Pet Sitting

Focus on Canine Body Language

Don’t get too close to a dog that’s exhibiting potentially aggressive body language. Examples include a tail that’s unusually rigid, body stiffness, yawning, a dramatic gaze, conspicuous eye whites, and tongue flashing. Refrain from turning away from a dog that is putting any of these signs on display. Doing so may encourage him or her to go after you.

Keep Your Cool

If you want to protect yourself from possible bites, you need to maintain full composure. Keep your cool no matter what. Don’t scream. Try to steer clear of rapid movements. Don’t look intently at the dog. Once the dog seems to relax a bit, you can move away. Don’t do so in an overly speedy manner though.

Try Not to Disrupt the Dog

Looking after a neighbor’s pet can often be easy for people who are careful and alert. If you want to protect yourself from dog bites, you should do whatever you can to refrain from disrupting a dog that’s busy for any reason. Stay away from a female dog that may be nursing her youngsters. Stay away from any dog that’s enjoying chewing, eating a meal, or taking a nap. Upsetting and throwing a dog off may promote aggressive actions.

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Say No to Uninvited Petting

Don’t assume that all dogs love petting sessions from strange humans. If you don’t know your neighbor’s dog well, say no to the urge to pet him or her initially. If the dog takes the time to smell and view you, however, you then may be able to pet it. Caution is your friend. It’s critical to give new dogs the chance to familiarize themselves with you. Don’t expect your neighbor’s pooch to love you right off the bat.

Dog bites can be extremely dangerous. If you experience a bite, you need to take fast action. Cleanse the wound exhaustively with warm water and gentle soap. Reach out to your doctor to request more suggestions as well. Never make the mistake of disregarding animal bites.

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