Baby Robins in My Backyard

Baby Robins in My Backyard

We feed the birds around here, and have for years, so we have a large variety of birds that come by. But one type that we don’t actually see very often is the Robin.

It was for this particular reason that I payed special attention to a Robin that landed outside my living room window one afternoon. She was HUGE, as in pregnant huge. I wondered how she could even keep herself up in the air when she flew.

I mean, it was practically something to write home about, you know? I’d never seen one so ‘with child.’

Then I noticed that she was building a nest in a tree in my side yard about 10 feet above ground. Perfect.

We kept vigil.

This is our reward.

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Baby Robins in My Backyard

Baby Robins in My Backyard

Fun! I love baby animals.

Thanks for letting me share.

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Do you feed the birds?

Do you have a favorite bird?


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4 thoughts on “Baby Robins in My Backyard”

  1. Wonderful photos. I’ve never seen a “pregnant” robin – I love birds. I don’t feed them because it would hard for me to be consistent and I don’t want them to depend on me. I’ve had birds nest on my property several times – on a porch light, and under an overhang, just as two example.


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