Can Dogs Eat Human Food? Low to High Risk Foods

Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

I’m sure you’re guilty. Okay, I am too, of giving the family dog treats under the dinner table. And we give him our left-overs, maybe share a cookie or two. After all, he’s looking at you with those big brown eyes and you want to make him happy. But is it okay? Can dogs eat human food without consequences?

Can dogs eat human food without some consequences?Photo Credit: Gabriela Pinto, Flickr

The junk food that’s not good for us, is not good for your pooch either. But you should know that.


Perhaps you think foods that are good for us must be okay for your pet. But did you know that even fruits and vegetables can wreak havoc on a dog’s body, causing severe health problems?

Sure, it’s fun to share, and it can save you money on dog food or whatever. However, some people food can be downright dangerous to your dog or any other pet you have.

Can My Dog Eat This? What Not To Feed Your Dog

Food meant for humans can cause a lot of problems for our pets, such as a sore tummy, diarrhea, and/or vomiting, gastrointestinal disorders, and even death, if the munchies they’ve ingested are toxic to them.

Can dogs eat human food without some consequences?Photo Credit: Pete Markham, Flickr

Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog [Infographic]

Below you will find a list of human foods rated from low to high risk. Dog Food Selector recommends that you not give your dog foods marked with risk 2 and 3.   Each column is in alphabetical order.

The risk is classified as:

  • 0: Minimal risk if given in controlled amounts
  • 1: Low risk
  • 2: Moderate risk
  • 3: High Risk

Can Dogs Eat Human Food? Low to High Risk FoodsOther sources: and

Human Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

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A QUESTION FOR YOU:  Well, are you guilty of feeding your dog people food? (No judgment.)

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