5 Common Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Potty Training Mistakes

Raising an obedient canine doesn’t come naturally to all pet parents. Most of the dog guardians consider their pooch as their family member and often feel like their mom or dad. But as much as we love our canines, we must remember that they are distinct from us in several wonderful and inspiring ways. In order to mould them into a balanced canine companion, we must honor and nurture all that makes our dog, a dog.

5 common potty training mistakes to avoid making.

The most crucial part of training a dog is to teach them to use the potty outside. However, some mistakes can make the process frustrating. Old-fashioned or ineffective methods of training may result in nagging misbehavior and out-of-control pet. Luckily, we have outlined five common potty training mistakes that most pet owners are guilty of while training their pooch. Note the mistakes and save time and efforts while house training your pooch.

Hurrying the puppy up

Just like us humans, even dogs do not like to be hurried during their restroom break. Most of our pets tend to gravitate at a certain spot to go to potty. You might, therefore, have to walk your pooch around before he finds his perfect spot. If you try to hurry him, it will only overwhelm him and he might end up coming back home without finishing his business.

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Not paying attention

As opposed to humans, pets cannot tell you in words that they have to go pee or potty. When you potty train your pooch, you must learn to understand the subtle hints that they have to go potty. They might bark at you, paw at you or simply look at you when they need to go out. While house training your dog, you must try to learn and understand his behavior to speed up the process.

Getting angry in case of an accident

Another common mistake that most pet parents commit is getting angry with their furry friend when he has had an accident. Yelling, speaking in angry tones or spanking the puppy after an accident is a big “NO”. Punishment-based training might create additional problem behavior. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement-based training, which is certainly more effective. Give a loud clap or whistle when you notice your dog is about to potty in the house. This creates a distraction and provides a short window to take your pooch outside to finish the deed.

Taking the pet outside after the accident

Most pet parents take their pups outside after an accident. This act encourages accidents in future as the pets begin to consider that if they go inside, they will be taken outside immediately. There is no point in taking your pooch outside when the deed is done or nearly done.

5 CommonPotty Training Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Avoiding or overusing pet diapers

Dog diapers or belly bands are an easy and convenient way to house train your dog. Female dog diapers become indispensable when your pooch is in heat. It gives your furry friend the freedom to wander around the house while minimizing the mess and keeping your furniture safe. But it’s important to understand when your pet requires a diaper and when it is time to stop using them.

Whether you are using a dog diaper or house training your furry friend the traditional way, it is important that you avoid these five most common potty training mistakes.

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23 thoughts on “5 Common Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. I agree with your tip on paying attention. Usually puppy potty signals are so slight (and on such short notice) that if we’re not paying attention, we miss it!

  2. The one I commonly see as well (and probably would do myself if I had a dog) is taking the pet outside after the accident. You are absolutely correct, the deed is done so why do they need to go outside?? They don’t…
    I’ve also seen the belly band only once but thought it was an interesting concept. Never knew they could be used for potty training.
    Thanks for the great advice, I will pass along to doggy friends and most likely use in my future! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Ali. You’re absolutely right about not needing to take a dog outside “after” the accident. That’s just confusing. I’m glad you stopped by Animal Bliss! Have some fun adventure with your cat. 🙂

  3. I never had to potty train I puppy sounds hard, all my dogs have been rescued and been house trained. We have had to deal with other issues. Always wanted a puppy, but potty training always seemed to difficult. You make it sound a little easier.

    • Hi Geri, potty training a puppy definitely has its challenges. Some dog breeds are easier to train than others too. Thank you for taking in rescued dogs! I admire you for that. Thanks so much for your visit to Animal Blisss.

  4. As well as ‘how to,’ I love seeing ‘what not to do’s.’ We trained Henry to ring a set of bells to go out. It works wonderfully for him. He is the spokesdog for all; the other two wait by the door. We do have to keep an eye for Jack and Reese. Henry smacks the bells so hard we know he wants out. Half the time it’s for a squirrel!

    • Hey Sadie. It’s great that you trained Henry to ring bells when he (and the others) want to go out. I would do that too if I got another dog. It’s funny that he’s spokesman for the others. Bravo Henry. Get that squirrel.

  5. hands down the most important thing we ever did we train for indoor potty usage. We have the PupHead. This has been the absolute best thing since we travel internationally and that means long flights, being stuck in airports, and staying in places that don’t always have a garden or green patch. Also we live in Canada in Ottawa where come February we can have several feet of snow (Montecristo is only 8″ high) and it can drop to -40 …. having the indoor option … in that weather? Living on the 9th floor … PRICELESS. (Also when sick with the runs. Messy but SO much better than “not getting out in time)

    • Hey, Sonja. I just looked up PupHead. What an interesting product. Perfect for you and your husband, who travel so much, and, of course, Montecristo. It must be worth its weight in gold to you. I wondered what you did in airports, and such. I read in one of your articles where you brought litter with you to the airport, and I wondered what kind of system you had set up. Wonderful. I enjoy reading about your travels. Stay safe, and thank you for stopping by Animal Bliss.

  6. Wish I had seen this when we brought Murray home. It never occurred to me to NOT take him outside after he’d gone potty inside. Makes sense, but for all my life I’d never not taken a puppy outside. Great tips for my next puppy.

    • I’ve heard that Dachshunds are little stinkers (so to speak) when it comes to potty training. You gotta love ’em though. Thanks for stopping by Animal Bliss, Christina, and Happy New Year to you as well. 🙂

  7. Ooof! I definitely had to get used to Chester and Gretel’s “potty signals”. Usually Chester’s signal is nothing more than looking at me (which he does when he also wants food or pets). I do notice now that he wanders around the house when he needs to go out. He has to go potty way more often now that he is old (at least once an hour), and it’s frustrating when he has accidents in the house, but I try to remember it’s just because I didn’t pick up on his subtle signals. Great tips.

    • Your Chester and Gretel sure do sound like great little characters, and I love to read about them on your blog. It must be sad to watch Chester grow old. We lost 3 senior dogs in 2 years. It was rough. But, for the present, enjoy them. I know you do. Thanks for your visit to Animal Bliss, Jessica. Peace

  8. I definitely think the most annoying part about potty training is the waiting (especially living in the cold in Minnesota). They can never just pick a spot and go in a timely fashion – especially when they have to poop. My dog sniffs around forever before deciding on that perfect spot!! These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree, that waiting for your dog to poop can be incredibly frustrating. When it’s cold, like you say, or if you’re late for something. Funny how they have to spend so much time looking for that “one” spot. Dogs are funny. Thanks for visiting Animal Bliss today, Alexa. I hope you’ll come back soon.

  9. Most dog potty mistakes around our community are to be blamed on the humans. They obviously can’t tell when the dogs need to go out or don’t care since there are messes in the elevators and building lobby. Owners also don’t clean up after the dogs. I should print this out and hang it in the elevator. Thanks.

    • Wow, messes in the elevators and building lobby too? That’s terrible. I don’t even know what to say. The owners must be lazy people. I’m sorry you have to do through that, Cathy. Thanks for stopping by Animal Bliss. Keep safe, and warm, and hug your lovely cats. Peace

  10. We have really started to understand the belly bands/diapers for dogs! What a miracle – and wish they had them/or I knew about them sooner! Great post – and couldn’t agree more: be present, be aware and be engaged when trying to teach your dog potty training!


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