How to Stay Safe When Confronted by an Aggressive Dog

When Confronted by an Aggressive Dog

Although you always hope that it would never happen to you, there is still the possibility that you or someone else in your family could be confronted by an aggressive dog at some point. This could happen as you taking a walk, playing at a park, or enjoying your own backyard. While some dog breeds are known to be more aggressive than others, some dogs are aggressive because they are scared or because they feel threatened. Here are five simple things you should do to stay safe in these situations.How to Stay Safe When Confronted by an Aggressive Dog

Stay Calm

First, you must be sure to stay calm. This can be difficult because you are most likely feeling very scared and nervous. However, dogs are smart creatures that can sense your mood. Never turn your back and run from a dog because nearly any type of dog can run faster than you.

Avoid Eye Contact

Staring directly into a dog’s eyes will be seen as a challenge by the animal. While you should keep an eye on the situation and should not turn your back to the dog, you should look towards the ground or at your feet. This will show the dog that you are not threatening it.

Speak Quietly

Never scream or yell at an aggressive dog as this will only rile it up more. If you do speak to the dog, such as to tell it to go home, talk calmly, quietly, and authoritatively. If you know the name of the dog, saying its name can help it understand that you are not a threat. If you happen to be injured by an aggressive dog, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney who can help fight for your rights.

Move Carefully

If you start walking away from the dog, be sure to move slowly. Try to walk past the dog to its side rather than walking straight at it. Another option is to back slowly away from the dog. Once you are a reasonable distance away from it, you can finally turn and continue walking away. This will help it know that you are not in its territory.

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Keep Something Between You and the Dog

If you come across a very aggressive dog that is snapping at you, try to keep something between you and the dog, such as a purse or a backpack. Even an umbrella or a bicycle will work. Always stand between the dog and your children. If you have nothing to protect yourself with, curl into a ball on the ground with your neck protected by your hands and your fingers curled into fists.

Coming across an aggressive dog can be frightening, but knowing how to respond to one correctly can mean the difference between staying safe and getting bitten. Of course, if a dog does attack you, seek medical help immediately, and report the animal to your local animal control.


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