4 Tips for Getting a Restful Sleep With a Dog in Your Bed

Getting a Restful Sleep With a Dog in your Bed

Any loving pet owner will tell you about the magic of falling asleep next to your dog. Our dogs are our best friends; we want them to have a good night’s sleep along with us. In some ways, sleeping together is a way to bond with our pets. However, for one reason or another, your furry friend may be disrupting your rest. Here are four tips to ensure you both get a restful sleep with a dog in your bed.

4 Tips for Getting a Restful Sleep With a Dog in Your Bed
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

1. Potty Train First

It’s normal for puppies to have accidents going to the bathroom. It happens when they’re excited, nervous, or simply have to go. You can avoid this situation from impeding your sleep by bringing them to bed after the potty training phase is done. Or, attach pet stairs to your bed so they can climb down and use the puppy-pad on their own.

2. Prepare for Their Growth

Although dog owners love sleeping with their dogs in bed, almost all agree that puppy-pad This can be a problem when your adopted puppy from the shelter turns out to be a Great Dane! Consider a larger mattress than you think you’ll need if you want to sleep with a dog in your bed. This way you avoid feeling cramped on a small bed with a large dog.

3. Set Boundaries

Although 99% of pet owners view their dogs as family members, they aren’t equal to humans. When dogs are allowed to sleep on the same level as their humans, there can be some discrepancies in perceived power. The dog may think they can get away with bad behavior. It’s important to set boundaries and create rules for your pup. For example, if they growl at you for accidentally bumping them under the blankets, that’s a no-no. Off the bed.

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4. Create a Routine

Dogs love routines because they can learn when they’ll be fed let outside, or when it’s time for sleep. When it comes to bedtime, start a routine where you must get on the bed before them. So, while you’re putting on your pajamas your dog isn’t already in bed. You get in first; then they fit in where they can. It’s important to create a routine that shows you’re in charge.

It’s wonderful falling asleep next to your pup and sharing that bonding experience with them. But remember that your quality of sleep is more important than theirs. Use the tips above to ensure you and your sleeping partner have the best rest you can. There’s nothing like waking up to a slobbery dog just waiting for you to pet them.

“4 Tips for Getting a Restful Sleep With a Dog in Your Bed”

Guest Author: Jane Sandwood

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  1. Yes, dog sleeps with us. Here’s another tip: we use a small dog blanket on top of the duvet. It helps keep our bedding clean, and tells the dog where his spot is, eliminating conflict over who fits where on the bed. Our dog is trained to always rest on a mat (blanket or towel) in any room of the house. It’s also super handy when out in public or visiting friends’ homes, as placing a towel on the floor signals where I want him to rest.


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