Diary of a Sad Cat Viral Video, Funny Cat Thoughts We Knew All Along

Diary of a Sad Cat Viral Video

Today I bring you the “Diary of a Sad Cat Viral Video” which was first published in May 2013. Throughout the ages, we, as humans, have had the tendency to impose our own interpretations, human feelings, and personalities onto our animal friends. This is called “anthropomorphization.”  We think we know what our pets are saying and feeling but it often simply reflects our own thoughts and how we might feel if given those same circumstances.

Obviously, then, as you have just witnessed in this video, we were right about this all along. This is the proof we were looking for.  Animals do have similar characteristics to humans, as expressed by these fine feline cats.

I particularly related to the cat that demands two (just two) belly rubs.  Any more than that and, well, you’ll find out soon enough.  Cats are fickle like that, aren’t they?  When they’re done, they’re done!  You gotta love ’em.


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Okay, tell me the truth.  Do you anthropomorphize animals’ behaviors?  Do you project your own thoughts, feelings, and maybe even a little guilt sometimes, onto your pets?

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