DIY Possum Control Trap, Controlling Backyard Possums

DIY Possum Control Trap

Controlling the Possums in Your Backyard

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Possums, sometimes referred to as opossums, are a scavenging nocturnal marsupial that has no problem turning your home and garden upside down while searching for food. Possums have the strange habit of, when cornered, fooling people by playing dead. Some of the most favorite hiding places for these creatures include crawlspaces, attics, under the porches and anyplace else near the garden or garbage. That said, it can often become imperative to trap these animals when they increase in numbers and become destructive or are spreading garbage through your yard.

DIY Possum Control Trap Controlling the Possums in Your Backyard
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DIY Possum Control Trap

Buy a trap that is designed to catch possums

The best way to capture an animals is with a live trap. These humane traps will not kill the animal. A good size trap for possum is about 12 X 12 inches by 30 inches. If it’s a wire or cage type trap make sure the spaces between the wire do not exceed more than 2.5 inches or the animal will escape. The other thing you need to make sure of when purchasing a trap is that it should have a slanted door which makes it easy to enter but impossible to exit.

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Set your trap in a location most frequented by possums

Where you place your trap will vary depending on what part of your property the possum mostly visits. Generally speaking, any site near the dumpster or in your attic works best. If you are placing it in the attic, then it should be in the center of the location but only if you have seen possums in this particular area. You’re could also set the trap in your home’s crawlspace, under the home. If you have chickens and you’ve seen a possum near them, then place your trap there with some food in it to attract them.

Baiting the trap

Possums will eat nearly any type of food and so almost any kind of bait should work. However, experts recommend that people should use marshmallows, pet food, leftovers, tuna, and fruit because they simply love the smell of these. Make sure that the bait is placed right near the door of the trap. Then a bit more at the end of the trap so that he or she goes in for more.

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Check your trap twice every day to see if you have caught something 

Once you have caught the animal, make sure to call animal control. These experts will be able to remove the possum from the trap and take it along with them. Since these experts are trained to deal with animals, they have all the safety gear necessary. However, if you are going to do it yourself, start by wearing a pair of gloves, take the trap to a wooded area far from your home, and lift up the trap’s door. The possum may perhaps play dead when you drop the door open but leave it for a while, and it will escape.

Important things to keep in mind

  • You shouldn’t release a possum that seems to be acting rather unusual. These animals rarely carry rabies but may have tuberculosis and an array of other diseases. If you think it may be sick, take it to your local animal shelter, animal control authorities, or a veterinarian’s office.
  • In Australia, you can catch a possum by using a trap or any other method, and you’re allowed to release it in the wild around 200 meters away from where you caught it. Killing the animal is strictly against the law.
  • Possums are not aggressive animals, especially towards humans. But you should take every precaution necessary to save yourself from getting scratched or bitten.

If you have been bothered by a possum or a group of them for quite some time, you should take action right away.


“DIY Possum Control Trap”

Guest Writer: Mark has been an exterminator and pest control expert for over ten years. He knows how to remove particular animals and is a specialist on possum control. 

ResourceWhat to Do About Opossums

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Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.


Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.


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Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.

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  1. Possums seem very cute while they are in the wild, but it can be a different story when they are in your trap or causing a nuisance. Its always important to keep these animals safe when you do have them trapped.

  2. I see your point now. Maybe when I type in diy for the trap I was expecting how to build the trap. I do a lot diy projects like kids toys and furniture. You keep up good work. And thank you. We have plenty them possums here in Tennessee.

  3. I mean no harm but look if a person goes to store and buys kitchen table it is not diy kitchen table. It would would be something like listing called diy kitchen table for dinner. That is an example.

    • You miss the point entirely. It’s not an article about building your own trap. It’s about trapping an animal safely yourself, as opposed to having someone else do it for you. “Do it yourself” trapping. Get it?

  4. Very well written! Awesome way to trap for not very much cash and no harm to the critter. Your Opossums in Aussie are much cuter than the ones we have here in the States.


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