Dogs and Chicken Bones : Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Chicken Bones?

Dogs and Chicken Bones

Is it safe?

Guest Author:  Alice Sparkle

One of the reasons why your dog may not be healthy is because you are just giving him food without doing research first. One common treat some dog owners are giving their dogs is chicken bones. It is normal for most dogs to like to chew on bones. But here is the question you need to ask for yourself: are dogs and chicken bones really a good combination?

Dogs and Chicken Bones - Is it Safe?

Are chicken bones healthy and safe for your dog?

The answer depends on if your dog has healthy teeth. When the bones are raw, it is considered safe for a dog. But do not assume that raw chicken bones are safe. The reason for this is that they are not free from bacteria or salmonella, which can cause ailments such as diarrhea.

On the other hand, when the bones have been cooked, it could damage the intestine and stomach of your dog. There is also a chance for the chicken bones stick in your dog’s throat.

Chewing bones could break the dog’s teeth. Some dogs cannot eat bones well, while others can. It is essential for your dog to have healthy teeth. In that case, extreme caution should be taken when it comes to dogs and chicken bones, especially raw bones.

What about raw beef knuckle bones? Are they safe?

It is considered good for your pet to chew raw beef knuckle bones. Experts say that these kinds of bones are delicious treats for your dog. Another delicious treat that you could provide are rawhide bones. This one can keep your pet’s mouth healthy, and it stimulates the flow of saliva. However, you need to make sure that your dog does not swallow large chunks of it.

Some tips you need to know when it comes to dogs and chicken bones:

Dogs and Chicken Bones : Is it Safe?
  • Before you give a bone to your pet, see to it that it is free from bacteria or salmonella. Rinse the bone and apply some vinegar on it before placing the bone in the refrigerator. This will make it safer for your dog to chew without having complications later on. For 20 minutes a day, the pet owner can allow their pet to chew a raw chicken bone.
  • Keep an eye on their pet while chewing bones.
  • If you must take away a bone from your dog, be careful not to get bitten. If you’re unsure about your dog’s reaction, wait for him to put it down before taking it way from him.



“Dogs and Chicken Bones : Is it Safe?”

Guest Author:  Alice Sparkle is owner of a dog named Mercy, and she’s been looking after her for more than 12 years and counting. Visit for more information about dog tips, advice, training, health and so much more.


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