5 Reasons Every Home Needs A Cat Cave

5 Reasons Every Home Needs A Cat Cave

It’s a cat’s instinct to hide when it wants time away from people or activity. Cats also like to take their time getting comfortable when it’s time to go to sleep. They’ll roll around from their backs to their sides, stretch their legs, and finally settle down for a few hours of shut-eye. Offering your cat an escape within your home will keep it comfortable and happier. Cats will indeed hide when they’re sick or stressed, but every home needs a cat cave to allow their cat a place to go to be alone once in a while.

1. Cats Need Their Privacy

A cave is a unique alternative to the traditional pet bed, which is soft but doesn’t resemble a cave. Caves are dark, round, and feel soft so your cat can feel at peace and de-stress. A pet bed is a nice gesture for your cat, but it’s not as luxurious as having their very own space. Your cat will love being able to relax, take a nap in the middle of the day, or cozy up for the night in their cave.

2. Variety of Designs to Select From

You can select from a variety of colors and designs to find an option that suits your home décor style and your cat’s unique personality whether it’s chevron, pastels, neon green, or a traditional color. You can customize your choices to make their home both stylish and functional. You’ll likely spend hours looking at your options trying to decide which one is the best, and might even want to buy more than one cave because you can’t decide if you’re going to go with that neon green or basic grey option.

These cat caves are functional and luxurious, but easy to keep clean and take care of. Wash them in the sink or tub with warm water. Squeeze the excess water out, put it back into the right shape, and allow it to dry naturally. This is a reason you might want to buy two or more caves instead of limiting yourself to only one. Your cat can use the second cave while the other one dries and put them in different areas of the home, so your cat has a hideaway whether they’re in your bedroom or the living room.

3. Cat Caves are Organic and Environmentally Friendly

On top of being available in a multitude of designs and being both functional and comfortable, these cat caves are made of organic materials; they are safe and environmentally friendly. You’ll know that your cat is safe every time it decides to go hideout for a bit. You take your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, feed it the proper food, and provide a comfortable environment for your cat. Choosing a hideaway that is made of earth-friendly organic materials is another way for you to protect your cat and keep it healthy.

You’re not only protecting your cat by purchasing an organic cat cave, but you’re keeping your home safe too. Many times you don’t know where the products you’re buying come from or what they have in them. Some products could come in contact with toxins or have chemicals sprayed on them before transport. They can irritate your skin or cause health or breathing problems. Have confidence knowing that when you purchase a cave for your cat, it is made up of safe and organic materials, and it plays a part in keeping both your cat and home a secure environment.

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4. For a Good Cause

On top of helping the environment, you’re also contributing to a good cause. These cat caves aren’t made on an assembly line in a remote location by a company that doesn’t think twice about their employees. They’re hand made in Nepal by a company that pays double the living wage for the area to keep employees happy and well taken care of. Buying this product helps support residents and their families with the added benefit of giving your cat its very own spot within the home.

It feels good to help people in your local area and communities, but many people also strive to help those in need all over the world. It’s rare to find a company that makes a functional and useful product while also helping the communities where they are located. Nepal has a beautiful country and offers phenomenal hand-made products for cats that are loved by pets and their owners.

5. Cats Love Them!

Pet beds are comfortable, but they don’t offer the same level of luxury and comfort that a cat cave does. Your cat doesn’t just want a place to sleep. They want a space where they can stretch out as much as they wish, curl, fluff up, climb, and explore. Cats are incredibly curious, creative, and nosy. They want to know what’s going on and like variations in their daily lives. Cats and love finding new places to explore. You’d be surprised just how much excitement purchasing cat caves brings to your pet’s life. Before you know it your cat could give you an exciting show as he dashes from one room to another, jumping from one cave to another. You might not have ever thought your cat had that much spunk in it.

Properly caring for your cat isn’t restricted to providing shelter and food. Your cat also needs to stay happy and have an environment where it can thrive no matter what is going on. Cats need to play and have fun just like people do. Offering your cat, or cats, caves where they can play and act natural contributes to their happiness. You’ll also get enjoyment out of them because you can watch your cat get excited and flourish with their newfound natural environment within your home. Making your cat happy will also make you happy. There’s no doubt that your cat is going to love every cave you bring into the house and will enjoy it for years to come.


“5 Reasons Every Home Needs A Cat Cave”

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