Frozen Donkeys in Turkey? Worry Not, They Are Thawed Out Now

Frozen Donkeys in Turkey?

After footage of a small herd frozen donkeys in Turkey was released, a rescue team was sent out to take care of them. The unattended donkeys were found in a rural area of Sanliurfa province in southeastern Turkey, where they had been experiencing some of the coldest and harshest winter in the country.

The 5 donkeys and were taken to a warm stable by the rescue team, and that team continues to care for other stray animals in the area.

Frozen Donkeys in TurkeyFrozen Donkeys in Turkey

The footage was taken Turkish news site DHA in the rural village Siverek.  It shows the ‘frozen’ donkeys, covered in ice and snow, with icicles hanging off one animal’s flank.

Luckily, the donkeys were rescued on time. When they were first found, some of them were unable to walk because they were so cold and had to be carried to a truck that took them to an animal shelter.

Housed in a warm stable, the donkeys were fed and checked by a vet.

The rescue team was instructed to stay alert for other abandoned animals in the area.

Good work, rescue team!


Frozen Donkeys in Turkey?  Worry Not, They Are Thawed Out Now

Frozen Donkeys in Turkey

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7 thoughts on “Frozen Donkeys in Turkey? Worry Not, They Are Thawed Out Now”

  1. How unbelievably freakin’ tough are these donkeys Jeanne! So happy they were saved. Humans are soft….wow. Thanks for the inspiring share!

  2. Great post! it is amazing they could survive that long in the cold.
    brrrr…it makes me cold just thinking about it. Glad they could save them.
    How many did they rescue?
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Never thought of frozen donkeys but I tip off my cap to those who rescued them. It was definitely very tough!!

    Lawrence Bergfeld


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