German Shepherd Mixes – Breed Profile

German Shepherd Mixes – Breed Profile

We’re all familiar with the traditional look of the black and tan German Shepherd dog. Of course, they’re sometimes black and sometimes white too. But you may not be familiar with certain German Shepherd mixes.

German Shepherds have been successfully bred with Golden Retrievers, Chows, Labradors, Pugs, Siberian Huskies, Collies, Welsh Corgis, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Poodles, Chinese Wolves, Akita, with the intention of combining the best traits of each of the breeds.  However, there is also a potential to breed bad traits, and health problems down the line that we know nothing of yet.

I wonder why there exists the present-day trend to have “designer dogs”? In my day, they were simply called “cross breeds.”  And while the resulting dogs can be quite cute, with cutsie names attached, what is the big draw? It is a status-symbol? Do breeders get more money if they name a dog a “shepadoodle” as opposed to a “cross breed”?  I’ll bet you a dollar they do.

Why not keep the breeds pure?  Especially the German Shepherd, which is such a beautiful, regal dog on its own? I don’t understand. But I’m partial to Shepherds.

While I don’t agree with this practice, I also do not judge. I offer the following infographic, created by, for your education.

Most Popular German Shepherd Mixes


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What is your favorite dog breed? Do you favor purebred dogs or mixes?



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12 thoughts on “German Shepherd Mixes – Breed Profile”

  1. Jeanne,

    I just came across this post. Just like you I’m a GSD fanatic. I grew up with them and have lived with them my whole adult life.

    I had no idea that purposeful mixing of the GSD with other breeds was going on. It’s similar to mixing the Poodle with Labs or Goldens.

    Anyway, what made me chuckle is that we recently rescued a 12 week old GSDx. My husband saved her from the horrible life she was born into at an informal settlement. We had tests done at the vet and sent away for DNA testing. Turns out she’s a GSD x Border Collie. Who would have guessed Lexi is a Shollie!! And here I was thinking she’s my limited edition, can’t find anywhere else puppy! LOL.
    Rosemary recently posted…7 Ways to Fix Floppy German Shepherd Puppies EarsMy Profile

    • Hey, you got yourself a designer puppy. That is a funny story. Oh well. She’s still one-of-a-kind, and I’m sure you love her to pieces. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site, Rosemary. Come on back sometime!

  2. Those are some really beautiful mixes; I do find it questionable that the author highlighted the Pit-Shepherd mix as being aggressive but doesn’t mention that about Wolf hybrids.

    My dog Laika is a Shepherd mix and she’s the most loyal, driven, and affectionate dog I’ve owned. I really didn’t know beforehand how much work it was going to be to keep her busy but it’s definitely been worth it. She’s taught me so much about canine behavior.
    Jen recently posted…Holy Cow – It’s Our One Year BlogiversaryMy Profile

    • You’re talking about the Chinese Wolf/Shepherd mix? I hadn’t really noticed that, but you’re right. He does say that the Wolf/Shepherd “has a strong bite and likes to nip.” Maybe that’s considered aggressive, I don’t know. I’m not familiar with that wolf mix. I personally don’t think that a pit bull is aggressive because it’s a pit bull. That’s not a correct thing to say.

      I just went and had a peak at your blog to see if I could find Laika. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? My favorite dog of all time is the German Shepherd, and anything of that mix is just as great, in my mind. To find Laika, I clicked on your link to “Resource Guarding – Understanding the Behavior. I had to chuckle at the first line about your affectionate dog: “Laika bit me the first day I had her.” 🙂 But then I read the rest of the article. Great post! I learned a lot just from that post. I love you for looking into the issue of resource guarding, and learning how to deal with it. Some people would have just given her back, abandoned her, or worse, punished her.

      Oh, Happy Blogiversary, by the way. That’s awesome. I must say that I’m a little disappointed, though, that there’s no cake to be had. Or candy. 🙁 But you’re a better hostess than I was on my blogiversary. Do you know what I did on mine? Not a thing. I thought about doing something, but … I didn’t get around to it. Maybe next one.

      Take care, and thank you so much for visiting, and commenting. I hope you’ll come back soon. Peace.


    • I love mixed breed dogs (mutts). But I am partial to the German Shepherd and would never cross breed mine. Thanks for stopping by today, Tamara. I hope you’ll come back soon. 🙂

  4. I have never owned a dog but some of these “mixes” are gorgeous, especially the Golden Shepherd and the Shug. My dog loving friends will love this post.

  5. Fabulous infographic. Whilst, in principle, I don’t agree with breeding dogs for certain characters that people want, I DO prefer the look of a purebred – greyhound in particular.

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