11 Goofy Animal Pics That I Promise Will Make You Smile

11 Goofy Animal Pics That Will Make Your Day

Goofy animal pics are usually something that everybody can enjoy.  Eleven of the ones I chose here come from a Buzz Feed Animals post that featured 17 of these adorable animals.  NOTE:  #3 cracks me up.  What is that  anyway?  🙂

1. “I am beautiful, no matter what they say.”

2.  “Hey Everyone! Come and see how good I look!”

3. “I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!”

My favorite!  What is this thing, anyway?  I love it, whatever it is.  Goat?  Pony?  It’s the goofiest of all goofy animal pics.

4. “Did someone say… close-up?”

Aww.  What a soft little sweetie.  Nothing goofy about this little person.  🙂


5. “Ain’t nobody who can pose like I can!”

6. “I woke up like this!”

Another lizard … a gecko, this time.  Look at that smile.

7. “Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful.”

8.“I make this triangle print look GOOD.”

9. “Try to not be intimidated by my handsomeness. I dare you.”

This one makes me laugh out loud.  What a adorable goof!  Don’t you agree?

10. “I’m not a model, I swear!”

Alright!  Alright!  I believe you!

11.  Uh… Keep workin’ on that smile there, buddy. You’ll get ‘it next time.

Another lovable goofball.  🙂  lol  I love that expression.

Thank you, Lindsey Robertson

SOURCE: 17 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals


I hope you have enjoyed, “11 + 2 Goofy Animal Pics That I Promise Will Make You Smile


MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAYCan you tell me what animal #3 is?  That one cracks me up the most.  Which one is your favorite?


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