A-Z Animals: 26 Fascinating and Exotic Animals You’ve Never Heard Of

Looking to expand your knowledge of the animal kingdom?

You’ve come to the right place! Below you will find links to our articles on 26 of the most fascinating creatures on this earth.

  • Oddball animals
  • Rare animals
  • Weird, strange, freaky animals
  • Animals that most of you don’t know anything about.
  • There will be plenty of videos and photos too!
  • Enjoy!

A is for Axolotl Salamander

B is for Banded Palm Civet

C is for Cool Capybara Facts

D is for Dwarf Crocodile

E is for Echidna Penises

F is for Magnificent Frigatebirds

G is for Glass Frog

H is for Hairy Frogfish Facts

I is for Isopod Facts, Tongue-Eating Louse

J is for Jaguar Attacks Crocodile Video

K is for Kermode Spirit Bear Facts

L is for Lowland Streaked Tenrec

M is for Macaroni Penguin Facts

N is for Narwhal Facts

O is for Olm Blind Cave Salamander

P is for Pigbutt Worm, (Flying Buttocks)

Q is for Quokka Facts

R is for Royal Flycatcher Facts

S is for Star Nosed Mole Facts

T is for Thorny Devil Lizard Facts

U is for Uakari Monkey Facts

V is for Vampire Squid Facts

W is for Giraffe Weevil

X is for Xoloitzcuintli – (Mexican Hairless Dog)

Y is for Yak Facts

Z is for Zebra Shark Facts

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