How Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Names [Infographic]

How Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Names

Naming your dog can be a difficult task, and sometimes it can even cause a divide between families when differing opinions arise as to the perfect name to suit the specific characteristics of your new pup. But if you thought naming your dog was a challenge, what about naming an entire breed? The history of how popular dog breeds got their names is shown in the infographic below.

How Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Name - Infographic

Image Source: Aaron Barnaby on Unsplash

There are many interesting stories behind the names of different dog breeds. For example, the Beagle is said to have originated from the Old French word for ‘Wide Open Throat,’ this name was given to them due to their tendency to howl or bay during a hunt. Meanwhile, the Schnauzer was given its name due to their long snout, with the word ‘Shnauze’ translating from German to ‘Snout’ in English.

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The people at helpucover have delved into the fascinating origins and stories behind these dog breed names and compiled all of the information into this useful infographic below. So to find out more, have a look!

How Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Names Infographic

This “How Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Names” infographic is used with permission from helpucover Pet Insurance.

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