Tips on How to Properly Take Care of Your Dog

How to Properly Take Care of Your Dog

Written by: Martin William

If you’re like most people, your dogs are like your children and knowing how to properly take care of your dog is a top concern. There are a number of things you have to do when trying to keep your dog in good shape and neglecting any of them can be detrimental to your pet’s health. By taking your time and paying attention to the needs of your dog, you will be able to give him the care he needs. You can always consult with a vet to get an idea on what you need to do. Here are a few things you need to do when trying to properly care for your pet.

Regular Vet Visits

The first thing you need to do when trying to properly take care of your dog is to take them to regular vet visits. Just like humans, pets require medical attention to make sure they are healthy and that there are no ailments. The more you are able to find out about your pet and their health, the easier you will find it to keep them healthy and happy. Be sure to check around and find the right vet to treat your dog.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Dog
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Socialize Them 

Another very important thing you need to do when trying to properly take care of your dog is to take them to interact with other people and dogs as much as you can. The more socialized your dog is, the easier you will find it to keep them happy and to get them acclimated to new situations faster. Having a dog that is withdrawn and shy may lead to them snapping at new people or dogs. Having social experiences for your dogs is a great way to see how they interact with others.

Watch Their Weight

When trying to keep your dog healthy, you need to make sure you keep them at a good weight. By watching what you feed them and letting them get plenty of exercise, you will be able to keep your dog looking and feeling its best. Make sure you speak with your vet to get an idea of what type of dog food and how much you need to be feeding your dog. The time and effort you spend trying to find out information on how to properly take care of your dog will be well worth it in the end.

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Tips on How to Properly Take Care of Your Dog

Written by Guest Writer:  Martin William


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59 thoughts on “Tips on How to Properly Take Care of Your Dog”

  1. Thanks for letting me know that a vet will be able to tell me just how much food and what type of it I should be feeding my dog. I have a little pug named Count Pug, and I want him to be as healthy as he is right now for a long time. I’ll have to find an animal clinic to take him to and see about that diet.

  2. My husband and I have been wanting to get a pet dog for awhile now. I love your tip about taking your pet to regular vet visits so you can know what their health is like and how to keep them happy. I also like your suggestion about asking a vet what specific type of dog food they should eat. If we do end up getting a dog, we’ll make sure to find a good veterinary professional.

  3. I really liked your advice to visit a vet regularly. I think that a lot of people don’t recognize the importance of regularly visiting someone that knows exactly what is going on with your pet’s health. I just got a dog, and I’m looking for a good vet. Do you have any other tips about finding a good vet?

  4. Good article! I see a lot of the comments agree with the It is the worst when you see an obese dog. You’ll see them out and about. It’s a lot harder on their joints. When they get a bit older it really makes a difference.

  5. Socializing you dog is a smart idea. That way, you can make sure that they are comfortable around others. And, it would be good for them to be sociable, so that they are not scared when they go to the vet or the groomers. That way it will be easier for the vet and the groomer to care for your dog.

  6. I’ve been wanting to figure out how I can keep my new dog healthy. I didn’t even think about regular visits to the vet. It makes sense that it would help, since it’s better to prevent than to fix in the long run. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My wife and I recently got our daughters a dog. I appreciated this post because I’ve never had to take care of a pet before. I can see how regular vet visits would be important, along with making sure to watch her weight. I hadn’t even thought about how socializing would also help our dog, but I can see how this would help her to be friendly and not vicious. Thanks for sharing.

  8. We just adopted a beautiful lab, so I really needed these tips as I’ve never had a dog before! I’ll try to make sure she stays really healthy, but I’ll definitely keep up on the vet visits! She really needs these visits right now, because she is still very young!

  9. Getting the right vet makes a world of difference. Not only can it save you money but it can be the difference between life and death sometimes.

  10. I agree that regular vet visits are great for keeping your pet in good health, they can often spot things before they get too serious. I’ve heard pet vaccines are good preventative measures. What are your thoughts on those?

  11. My mother was a veterinary technician for a long time so I’m somewhat familiar with taking care of pets health but I found some great information here. I’ll be sure to take them to an animal hospital regularly and socialize them to avoid making my dogs shy or withdrawn. I love animals so I’ll have to make this part of my routine.

  12. Along with taking your dog to the vet regularly for checkups, it’s important to know where to go if your pet has an emergency that requires immediate care. While some normal vets can help in case of emergency, others only have certain hours or don’t have the right equipment. Finding a good emergency vet that you can go to if your dog needs immediate care at any hour of the day can help alleviate the stress of trying to find somewhere to go when it’s too late. Thanks for the article.

  13. Socializing you dog with other dogs is key! When I was growing up, my dog rarely had the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, simply because there weren’t many other dogs in the neighborhood. He became very friendly with people but HATED every other dog. In hind site we really should have gotten him out to more dog parks because it got to the point where he could never be around other dogs. Great point, I think it’s the biggest take away from your suggestions. Thanks again!
    Jake recently posted…Full Grown Adult PomskyMy Profile

    • Hi Jake. I’m glad you stopped by my site today. I had a German Shepherd that hated dogs too. She sure was a handful every time we went out in public. We managed to control it though, through 1/2 dozen training classes over the years. Take care, and come back soon.

  14. Martin, I agree that you have a responsibility to take good care of your any pet you get. I liked that you talked about socializing with them. Dogs need a lot of attention and you need to be willing to give it to them. Also, you need to take them to see a vet make sure that they are healthy and happy.

  15. It’s so ridiculously important to socialize your dog. It’s so unfortunate that most dog owners choose to not do this until your dog is an adult. If more people were to socialize when their dogs were puppies, there would be many more better trained dogs.

  16. I think the most important thing you put on this was regular vet visits. I recently started taking my dog into the vet more regularly and it has seemed to help me have an idea of how to keep him healthy. Just like you said the vet also said to make sure to keep track of my dogs weight. This is some helpful information for pet owners, thanks!

  17. Just like humans, dogs also need to take care of their health! I will make sure to keep in mind that regular exercise is vital to maintaining weight, as you point out. I’m excited to take my dog for walks and runs with me, rather than leaving her at home. Thank you for sharing this article.

  18. I agree that one of the best things you can do for your dog is to create a social environment for them. Pets are just like people in that they can get lonely. Even when you give them attention yourself, sometimes that is not enough because they want interaction with fellow dogs, as well.

    • Yes, I agree that it’s important to socialize your dogs for a well-balance temperament. They’re pack animals, after all. Thanks for visiting my blog today, and taking the time to read my post.

  19. My family and I just got a new dog and we want to make sure we take care of him properly, so I really appreciate this information. I like how you point out the importance of finding a trustworthy vet, and taking them to see the vet regularly. I imagine that it would also be important to find a vet or vet hospital that can take animals during emergencies. Thanks for sharing this!

  20. My wife and I just barely bought our first dog, so we’re learning a lot! I found your post to be really helpful, and I really liked what you said about the importance of regular vet visits. We haven’t taken our new friend to the vet just yet, due to some issues with work schedules, but we’ll make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible! What should I look for in a good vet for our dog? Thank you in advance for the help!

  21. I know I have been guilty of not socializing my dogs. It takes constant effort to take them down to the park to meet others but it’s so worth the effort, especially if you have a high energy dog like I do.

    I have found that just two times a week can make a huge difference in how much extra energy they have. Just thirty minutes or so seems to be enough play time if there are others there for them to get a little rough and tumble with.

    It’s a lot of fun for me to watch them play and have a good time as well. I have also gotten to know some of the familiar faces there so the dogs and the people both get socialized.
    Scott recently posted…How To Cure Your Dogs Bad BreathMy Profile

  22. I didn’t realize until I had a puppy that dogs need socialization with other dogs. It took a few months, but once we realized this and started taking her to a pet park, she was such a happier puppy! Thanks for including this tip so that others won’t make the same mistake we did.

  23. I think it’s important that you use the dog for the Things they were bred for. A herding dog has herding instinct, a hunting dog hunting instinct… I love the advice in this article. Dogs should always be active!

  24. I love how you place responsibility on the owner to take the dog to the vet and to KNOW the dog! My puppy and I are still building our relationship, but I knew that I had done well when the puppy was happy and came out of the vet. And now that he’s coming out of his shell, socializing has never been easier… and he’s never been happier!

  25. Pet like dogs are really fascinating. Dogs are really amazing. They could be guard to your house or a buddy to be with every single day. Dogs are very good at guarding house because they have natural instinct that no human has.

  26. Thank you for including the tip on watching their weight. Most dogs you see are a healthy weight, so people forget it can be something to be concerned with. And it can be a huge health problem for them! My friend’s overweight labrador is having some major hip and knee problems at a young age because they didn’t manage her weight.

  27. Great! Your post is useful for me. I have bought a pet, it is a dog. I am worried because I never have any dog before. Your post shows how to care my dog. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Regular vet and animal hospital visits is a wonderful way to make sure your dog stays healthy. Since animals are unable to voice their pains and illnesses, it is helpful to take them to a vet to make sure they are in proper health. By doing so, you can help your dog live much longer and more happily than they might otherwise. Animals are like family for a lot of people, so it’s important they stay healthy just like any other member.

  29. I’m glad that you listed regular vet visits as your first tip to properly care for your dog. As you say, dogs require medical attention just as much as humans do. Making sure that your dog is getting the attention he or she needs will allow you as the owner to take the right measures in maintaining their health. You’ll have a happier and healthier dog if you do this, anyway, and that is the most important thing. Thanks for all of your insight!

    • I’m so glad you stopped by, Meg. Yes, regular visits to the vet are essential. We’ve been with our vet for about 23 years! He’s seen a lot of my pets come and go. Thank you for your visit, and for leaving a comment to. Peace

  30. My wife has been begging for us to get a dog. Neither of us have had one before so we want to make sure we learn more about them first. I didn’t know that socializing them was so important. That does seem like something that will help them to be comfortable around other dogs and people. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Thank you for your comment, Jamarcus. Yes, socializing is very important. It teaches your dog how to behave properly around other dogs and people. This is something I learned, especially with my German Shepherd, Star. I wrote about her in, “How to Stop Your Dog From Being a Lunatic in Public Places. Star is no longer with us, but her legacy lives on. Whether you get a large dog or a small one, they each (sometimes) come with their own issues. That’s not to say that they ALL have issues though. Who knows? You might just find the perfect one. 🙂 Good luck! Don’t be a stranger.

  31. These are some really great tips. My wife and I have always been dog lovers, and we have only had our dog for 1 year now. We try to take him to the vet every couple of months to get checked up. Would you recommend buying pet insurance?

    • That’s a good question, Edmond, and one that I don’t know how to answer. Personally, I don’t have insurance for my pets. So far, things have been affordable. I imagine, though, that if I had some sort of high-maintenance animal, health-wise, I might consider getting pet insurance. Thanks for your visit! Don’t be a stranger!

  32. Thanks for this informative article, Martin! I recently adopted a dog through an animal hospital, so I’m trying to make sure that he feels comfortable in his new home. Do you have any suggestions on how to help him feel comfortable? I’ve bought him a dog bed, so he’ll have a place to sleep at night.

    Alex Jennings |

    • The vet you get really does matter, Lindsay. Mine is such a great guy. Patient, kind, and he takes his time. I love to ask questions, and he doesn’t mind, thankfully. I appreciate you stopping by my blog! Always happy to hear your comment. 🙂 I love the title of your blog post, “Why Every Day is Hump Day When You’re a Dog.” I’m going to have to go check that out. Peace!

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