How to Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter

How to Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter

Winter can be difficult for everyone, and that includes your pets. Your cat might have a coat of fur, but she’s still prone to getting cold when the temperature drops outside. Keep your cat warm this winter by following these tips to make sure that your feline friend stays warm and comfortable for the entire season.

How to Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter

Move Pet Beds Away from Drafts

In the summer, many pets like to escape the heat by lying near windows, doorways, and other areas that let in a little fresh air. But in the winter, these once-comfortable napping spots can quickly become cold and drafty. Drafts move along the floor, so place your cat’s bed somewhere that is slightly elevated and away from any outside entrances. Keep an eye on where she has been sleeping lately; if she’s been napping next to the heating vent, it might be the right spot for her bed.

Add Extra Warmth and Padding

When the winter nights get too chilly to bear, you probably toss an extra quilt on your bed. Cats like extra blankets, too; try upgrading her bed with a soft throw, or look for a new bed with faux fur and extra padding. You should also consider a cat cave or igloo; these designs offer a soft, enclosed space where your cat can stay warm and snug all winter.

Another option for your cat is a heated pad or blanket. Much like an electric blanket you might use for your bed, these pads provide a warm place for your cat to sit, and make a great alternative to the top of the dryer or your laptop’s keyboard.

Make Sure the Heat is On

Some heating and cooling systems automatically turn off in the daytime while the family is at work or school. These systems save energy and money, but can also make life difficult for the family pet. Double check that your heater stays on all day. If it goes out, call a heating repair service right away; your cat doesn’t need to spend time in a cold environment.

You cat can tell you if she needs food or wants to go outside, but she might have a hard time communicating that she’s too cold. If you notice that she is not using her bed or is sleeping somewhere strange in the winter, take steps to give her a warm place to relax. The cold months affect everyone, and a little extra effort will make sure everyone in the family is cozy and happy, including your feline.

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