5 Tips for Keeping a Cat Happy in a Small Apartment

Keeping a Cat Happy in a Small Apartment

There’s something to be said about the lifestyle of cats. They don’t work, they eat when they want, and sleep most of the day. But, when they are awake, they can be great companions. All they require to be happy is a little affection and some basic needs. Here are five tips for keeping a cat happy in a small apartment.

Keeping a cat happy in a small apartment is not difficult. Following these 5 tips will ensure your cat stays content to be your companion.
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Litter Box

If a cat doesn’t like something about their litter box, they will let their owners know, sometimes in the worst way. A cat needs its own private space to take care of business. Covered boxes are perfect for small areas where a room can’t be devoted to litter. It could be placed in the bathroom or closet, as long as they have easy access. Self-cleaning litter boxes are also an option. But sometimes the moving parts can scare a feline away from them. Clumping litter is the easiest type to use and should be cleaned daily so that the cat will want to use it.

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Cat-Proofing the Apartment

Cats will need to have the freedom to roam in their living environment, and they will go everywhere that their little paws will allow them to go. This is particularly true in a small area like a one-bedroom apartment. Here a few things to think about to keep them, and your possessions, safe.

Shelves: Breakables shouldn’t be kept on shelves that the cat can jump up onto. They will naturally explore and can easily knock things off of shelves.

Cleaning items: Cabinets that contain cleaners and other unsafe items need to be secured.

Toilet paper: Cats love to unroll toilet paper. It’s better to have it rolling from underneath.

Cats Need a View

Whether it’s a perch by a window or a kitty tower, cats need somewhere where they can sit and view the activity around them while looking down on their world. When a cat can see what’s going on around them, they will feel more content and secure. Otherwise, they might feel afraid, and no one wants an anxious cat.

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Cats may get bored when their owners are out of the apartment, so toys are a great way to keep them occupied. They could be loose, squeaky toys, or maybe hanging from their tower. Toys will help them pass the time. Be sure to get them a variety of toys, to prevent boredom or anxiety. When a cat lives in a small space, they need plenty of stimulation to make up for their close confinement.


Cats love to be brushed. Not only does it help to keep their shedding under control, but brushing will also alert the owner to any issues with fleas or ticks, which would need to be addressed immediately. Any treatments for the cat to get rid of fleas should always be done in conjunction with having an exterminator fumigate the apartment. Small spaces can quickly become infested with these pests.

Keeping a cat happy in a small environment can be achieved with a little diligence. In return for providing comfortable and safe surroundings, cat owners are rewarded with those little purrs and body rubs that are cat’s ways of showing love and affection.

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