Leopard Named Spirit and an Animal Communicator, Anna Breytenbach

A Leopard Named Spirit

This is the story of a leopard named Spirit and Anna Breytenbach, an “animal communicator.”  Anna has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication. She sends detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts. She then receives messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals.

In this story, Anna transforms a deadly snarling black leopard, initially named “Diablo,” into a relaxed and content cat renamed “Spirit.”  It is a fascinating tale of a beautifully wild cat.

A Leopard Named Spirit

Diablo was taken in at a sanctuary after having come from a zoo where he was badly abused. The owner of the sanctuary got along very well with the other wild cats in his care, but Diablo was a whole other situation.  Even after six months in the sanctuary, Diablo never left his night cage.  He hissed and snarled, and even bit the owner once, landing him in the hospital for a week from the bite.  He looked full of hatred, deadly and very dangerous.


With much skepticism, having nothing to lose and at wit’s end, Anna Breytenbach, known as an “animal communicator.” was called in.  The change in Diablo while with Anna was visibly different … more relaxed.  She was very calming.

After communicating with Diablo, it was established that Diablo didn’t understand that he was safe here, free to roam, relax, and be at ease, that no one was going to hurt him, that he felt misunderstood.  He said he didn’t like his name and the connotations of it.  It brought forth negativity, evil.

The name change – the leopard named Spirit

So they changed his name to “Spirit.”  Next thing you know, shortly afterward, Spirit is out of his cage, roaming freely, even interacting with the owner of the sanctuary.  The owner even realizes that he can also communicate with the cats, now that he recognizes it for what it is.

He is overcome with emotion after all this transpires, filling him with an awe that he can’t put  into words.

I realize that all of you won’t believe that communicating with animals is possible.  If you’ve watched the video, you will hear one part where Anna relays a question that “Spirit” has asked about something from his past, that even the owners had forgotten about.  They became believers at this point.

Leopard named Spirit

Leopard Named Spirit and an Animal Communicator, Anna Breytenbach

Want to learn more about Anna and the science of animal communication?  Visit her website at AnimalSpirit.org


I hope you have enjoyed reading about, “A Leopard Named Spirit”

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MY QUESTION FOR YOU:  What do you think?  Is this possible?  Have you ever experienced communicating with an animal?  Would you love to?  (I sure would!)

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8 thoughts on “Leopard Named Spirit and an Animal Communicator, Anna Breytenbach”

  1. I was in tears after watching Spirit’s enlightenment. He wasn’t transformed though, his real character was released. I communicated with my dog. She knew what I was thinking. She would often ask for particular things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as good at listening as she was, or I would have heard her telling me that she was terminally ill. SHE knew, 6 months before she departed, that she had cancer. During that time, she made a habit of lying close to me at every opportunity. She hid her pain, and squeezed every drop of enjoyment out of life, while showing every minute, that she loved me. It was only on the last night that she was groaning with pain as I cuddled her to sleep on my bed. Animals give unconditional and unlimited love to the right human. Caillín was the smartest, gentlest dog I have ever known/ I miss her deeply. She can never be replaced.

  2. Hi Jeanne,I watched the video a couple of years ago and watching ye communicate with Spirit and wot he told ye brought me to tears,I’m not sure why but I absolutely adore Black Leopards,I love felines be them domestic or feral but the Black Leopard is my favorite Big Cat,to me they are so misunderstood,last year I watched a video out of India that had me wanting to tear into my monitor,they had trapped and set a beautiful Black Female Leopard on fire,ye had cub’s somewhere because her teats were hanging low and to think that humans can do such a horrific thing eludes me,anyway I am currently doing my bucket list,aye,I am terminal and one of the things on it is I want to see Spirit in person,do ye know if this would be possible?
    Thankye for ye compassion for our voiceless.

    • I would love to meet Spirit too, but I suspect that they don’t want visitors. I want to meet some non-domestic animals, particularly big cats, with their approval, on their terms.

  3. Love it Jeanne!. We are all God in disguise; all living things originate in God, or spirit, or on a scientific level, energy. So yep, all God energy can communicate with others. Animals – god germs, like we – respond to our energy, around them. This makes perfect sense, and so inspiring to see the suffering of a living being alleviated. Thanks!

  4. Wow, that is way cool, talking to black leopard! Or talking intimately with any animal for that matter, geeez. That was a very interesting story Jeannie, thank you. I’ll be thinking about this for a while…


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