5 Ways to Make Bath Time Easier for Cats

5 Ways to Make Bath Time Easier for Cats

Cats typically do a wonderful job of cleaning themselves and generally don’t need any help from us.  But every now and then you may have to bathe your cat.  Yikes!  If your kitty is anything like my Jessie Cat (pictured here), she may fight you tooth and nail.  Let me suggest a few ideas for you to help you make bath time easier for cats that may need it.

Make Bath Time Easier for Cats
JESSIE CAT – my 19 year old girl

1)  Timing is Everything

If your cat is less than enthusiastic about bath time, tire her out beforehand. Engage in a nice, long play session to help expend the energy she’d use to fight you in the tub or sink.

2)  Be Prepared

Have everything you’re going to need, such as shampoo and towels, already in place and at arm’s reach before you bring the cat into the room.

3)  Have a Helper

It can be nearly impossible to bathe a cat on your own if she insists on putting up a fight. Enlist the help of someone who is calm and patient.

4)  Clip Her Nails

You may want to trim your cat’s nails before bath time for your own protection. You could do this several hours before the bath, or even the day before the bath so your cat isn’t already overly stressed out even before the bath begins.

5)  Be Gentle

Always talk to your cat in a calm, relaxed tone and handle her with care in the tub. If she squirms, it can be a natural reaction to clamp down. Try to be as gentle as possible to avoid hurting her or causing her to fight back even harder.  The water temperature should also be warm (not too hot or cold) so as to not shock her system, which could trigger a fighting response.

Bonus: Praise, Praise, Praise

After the bath is over, be sure to lavish your cat in praise and treats. This will help associate the bath with pleasurable attention and may help her relax a bit the next time she needs a cleaning.

5 Ways to Make Bath Time Easier for Cats

I would be interested in hearing your experiences in bathing your cat!

Good luck!


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18 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Bath Time Easier for Cats”

  1. Hi jeanne,
    I am first time on your site and well impressed. 🙂
    I like your five tips for take bath a cat easily. I am having a cat also like that you tagged above.
    Thanks for sharing……..
    Flat in Kharar Mohali

  2. Not having a cat I don’t have this problem, though I have been adopted by the neighbours cat called bella, but it is actually a male cat – and I think that he is confused Then there is about 3 other cats on my road that love to congregate with him at the end of my garden as if they are having some sort of meeting. When I go to see what they are doing rather than being scared they stare at me with disdain as if I had interrupted an important point. I wouldn’t dream of attempting to bath any of them as they might decide I need to start providing food for their weekly meetings:)
    Amanda recently posted…Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 1 – 31 Tips for Carers and more!My Profile

    • I think that’s a fun story, Amanda. I love being adopted by an animal. 🙂 You’re probably right about them expecting food from you at the slightest provocation. I wonder if “Bella” has been traumatized by the name. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you.

    • I’ve had occasion to bathe a cat once that got oil spilled on her. It was not a fun job, believe me! Whoa! I hope I never have to do it again. But I did learn from it and that’s good. Thank for stopping by, Salma. 🙂

  3. Oh I remember when I was younger trying to wash my cat. Even when he was a baby, that guy was strong! He used to look so sad. Gave us that look like we were trying to kill him! Love your ideas. These do help soothe cats, especially if you do this often with baths.
    Taya recently posted…Crazy Coupon Day – Arm & HammerMy Profile

  4. Awesome tips! I don’t have a cat at this time (hubby just refuses), but we did get a puppy again a couple of months ago. These tips can certainly be applied to her as well. I love the idea of tiring her out prior to the bath.

    Now, if we can just get her past her biting stage. Ahhhh, that will come. She is already training easily (about 5 minutes a day) and she is only 3 1/2 months.

    Honoring you,
    Janelle – The Barefoot Soul Mentor
    Janelle recently posted…Suing Because The Baby Isn’t White?! What?My Profile

    • Aww, a new puppy. I remember those days. All of our dogs and the cat are senior citizens now, but I do have fond memories of training the puppies. It’s a job, for sure. And yes, you could use these tips for dogs as well. I appreciate you comment and have fun with that puppy, Janelle!

    • Ah, will the 7 year old win in the end? I sure hope so. 🙂 I was never allowed to have a pet (except some goldfish) when I was a kid. I’ve sure made up for it as an adult though. Oh, the stories I could tell! Thank for your comment, Summer!

  5. Cats pick up on your emotions! If you are anxious and stressed then your kitty will pick that up and become a nervous wreck. You have to approach her calmly and reassure her throughout the process. Don’t be stingy with the praise! You will want to talk softly to your cat the whole time. If you have a second person to help you should have them try to feed her tasty treats while she is getting bathed. If she won’t take them while she is being bathed leave them as a reward for her. Instead of spraying your cat with water use a washcloth to slowly get her wet. Use the same process to rinse her off and keep in mind that the sound of running water might spook your kitty so you should have fresh (lukewarm) water already set aside.
    Keyur recently posted…hiMy Profile

    • Hello, Keyur! It sounds like you have some experience in this. You give sound advice. You should write your own blog post about it. lol Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. Come back soon!

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