Meaning of Cat and Dog Sleeping Positions

Meaning of Cat and Dog Sleeping Positions

How do you know what your pet is feeling? You can monitor their physical activity (sad pets are less active) or pay attention to how much they’re eating (distraught pets will eat less). But another thing you can do that you might not have considered is observing how your pet sleeps. The meaning of cat and dog sleeping positions can tell you a lot about your pet.

Your furball’s sleeping position, like humans, is a result of what they’re feeling at that moment. You can learn a lot about your pet’s emotional state by merely noticing how they sleep. Not sure what that means? Check out the helpful visual below to develop a deeper understanding of and connection with your pet.

The Meaning of Cat and Dog Sleeping Positions

Each type of sleeping position is paired with an actionable tip to help your pet feel the most comfortable. For example, if your dog is sleeping with arms and legs sprawled out, they probably feel energetic and want to be able to jump up to play at a moment’s notice, which means you should make sure your pup is getting enough exercise each day.

In addition to your pet’s sleeping position and what it means, Sleep Advisor also provided some fantastic tips to giving your pet a sound sleep. Ambient noise, exercise, and consistency are a few ways to ensure your pet gets a good night’s rest.

The Meaning of Cat and Dog Sleeping Positions

Pet Sleeping Infographic


“The Meaning of Cat and Dog Sleeping Positions”

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4 Tips for Getting a Restful Sleep with a Dog in Your Bed

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