Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review, #MiracleCare

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review

Animal Bliss has been given one free Nail Shaper for the purpose of doing this Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review.  I am not being compensated in any other way. Animal Bliss only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Miracle Care is not responsible for the content of this article.

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review


Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review

If you’re an adventurous sort, like I am, you trim your dog’s nails yourself.  You also know that sometimes those clipped claws can have rough edges that can scratch you pretty easily, not to mention the occasional ruined pieces of furniture.

When I was offered an opportunity to do a Miracle Care Nail Shaper review, I agreed to do so, out of curiosity.

Following is the manufacturer’s Product Description:

The innovative Nail Shaper™ by Miracle Care™  is specially contoured to fit all pet nails.  Gently twist away sharp ends and rough edges that can scratch people, furniture and floors.

The Nail Shaper’s manual design allows pet owners to take control of the pressure and twisting action needed to take away rough edges silently and painlessly.

Designed for all breeds, simply insert the nail into the contoured barrel and twist to shape and smooth edges.  Use after clipping for just out of the grooming salon results.

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review

To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed in the product.  It has its pros and cons.


  • Does not require electricity or batteries
  • It’s lightweight and easy to hold
  • Doesn’t make any sounds that might scare your pet.


  • It doesn’t work very well (on my dog)
  • It takes a fair bit of time to smooth out just one nail
  • The surfaces of each end are a fine rasp, not rough enough to really do a nice job on a dog’s nails.

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review

My 13 year old dog, Jake, has tough nails after a lifetime of being an active outdoor dog, so to smooth out his nails is definitely a chore in itself.  If the Nail Shaper had a rougher rasp, then maybe it would work better for him.

Please know that I am not saying that the Nail Sharper does not work, but that perhaps this product is better suited for a small indoor dog or cat.

Visit Miracle Care Pet by clicking here.

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review

We give it a neutral !

Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review


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14 thoughts on “Miracle Care Nail Shaper Review, #MiracleCare”

  1. Thank you so much for your honest appraisal of this product. We have 2 dogs and 2 bunnies and it is a constant struggle to keep all their nails trimmed, without causing pain, or incurring huge vet bills. We are searching the market for something?, and really appreciate your evaluation.

  2. I definitely need to invest in a product like this. My dogs hate getting their nails trimmed. i’ve tried a lot of products in the past and my dogs have hated every single one so now I have to bring my dogs to the vet to get their nails trimmed.

  3. Would you recommend this nail shaper for use on a bird/parrot’s nails? Is it too large? I can’t really get a feel for the size of the hole in the center where the nail sits for rubbing…

  4. I really appreciate your honest review on this product. I have a couple type of nail clipper and rotary battery operated kinds for our furbabies. Which I used once and threw it in the cupboard. I hate them too. The two pits I really don’t worry about to much– they are at the groomers about every 3 months for there nails, gizzy goes every month because he does not get to run much

    • Thanks for your comment, Dianna. It don’t like to say anything negative in a review, but I also don’t like to mislead my readers. “Neutral” was the best that I could do. I’m glad you took the time to read my post. That’s great!

    • It’s cool that you have a gecko. I have a Bearded Dragon named Shirley. I’ve only had to clip her nails once so far, and I just used my own nail clippers. It was easy and that’s all it took. Thanks for your visit. I really appreciate it.


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