10 Most Popular Crossbreed Dogs in the UK

10 Most Popular Crossbreed Dogs in the UK

Co-Op Insurance have gathered data from their Crossbreed tool from much of 2016, and the results have come in. We are now able to announce the most popular crossbreed dogs in the UK. If you’d like to discover a type of crossbreed, you can use the tool here.

Dogs are loyal companions and are considered a man’s best friend. What’s best about them is that they seem to always be there for you to get you through ‘ruff’ times.

10 Most Popular Crossbreed Dogs in the UK

Most popular Crossbreed Dogs ranking from bottom to top:

10. Bassador

Basset Hound + Labrador Retriever

Bassador’s love to socialize and be around other people and dogs. They have a tendency to overeat and are natural hunters, so don’t like small spaces.

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

9. The Borador

Border Collie + Labrador Retriever

An energetic dog who loves running around and playing catch. They are very eager to please and thrive in a family environment.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

8. The Affenhuahua

Affenpinscher + Chihuahua

Affenhuahua’s are very lively, small and always eager to learn. They have a very playful nature so is safe around children.


7. Texas Heeler

Australian Cattle Dog + Australian Shepherd

Texas Heelers are very affectionate towards their owner. They are natural born herding dogs that respond well to commands and can be easily trained.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

6. The American Bull Dogue de Bordeaux

American Bulldog + Dogue de Bordeaux

They are known for their stubborn temperament, enjoy long walks and is low maintenance. Known to be a loyal friend and is protective of their owners.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

5. The Gollie

Border Collie + Golden Retriever

Gollie’s are very friendly and loving, with the qualities of their parents. They enjoy both a relaxed home life and like staying active.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

4. The Bulloxer

Boxer + American Bulldog

This crossbreed is very affectionate and energetic. This large dog incorporates the build of its parents and is non-aggressive by nature.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

3. The Huskamute

Alaskan Malamute + Siberian Husky

A very welcoming dog who loves attention and running around. With its temperament it requires regular exercise.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

2. The Eurohound

Alaskan Husky + Pointing Breeds

The Eurohound is a racing crossbreed so requires a lot of exercise and is generally not kept as a family pet.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

1. The Gerberian Shepsky

German Shepherd + Siberian Husky

Gerberian Shepsky’s are quite large dogs, love attentions but also independent by nature. They are very protective and need to be socialised from a young age.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of the UK

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