8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pets

8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pets

Pets are adorable to their owners. Along with the other playful activities, providing the best nutritional food for our pets is also an expression of love and affection towards our furry friends.

8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pets

Unfortunately, most people are ignorant or don’t realize, that not following an accurate diet guide can be harmful to their pets.

Pet food cannot be generalized to all type of animals. Selecting the right diet becomes a huge responsibility, as there are many determining factors like breed, size, life stage, and activities of a pet.

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Ideally, a pet’s food guide should be checked for nutritional benefits, ingredient quality, and manufacturing standards. Also, ensure that it should be easily digestible, safe, and free from toxins or any harmful chemicals.

Have a clear understanding of how various types of food, such as dry or raw food, meat or even the byproducts, react in different animals. One should also be aware of the fact that some animals are allergic or highly intolerant to certain grains or millets.

It is always better to do thorough research or take a professional’s advice if you want a good life for your pet.

Following infographic uncovers some of the myths regarding nutritional food for pets.

8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pets

8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pet

Source: Amy Dunfee, RussianTortoise.com

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Animal Bliss - A really cool blog about Animals - domestic pets and wildlife too.

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3 thoughts on “8 Myths Uncovered About Nutritional Food For Pets”

  1. First, I want to tell you I love your blog and your holistic approach on the great variety of different animals in particular dogs and cats. I started my website in the same niche as you have been doing it for quite some time already.
    Since I started my website and doing research for the articles I was shocked how many things we give our cats or dogs because we think they either like or may even benefit from it when the opposite is fact (like giving a cat milk when in fact they do not like it, as much more the fatty or creamy part of the fresh milk they’re in favor of and the fact that they becoming lactose intolerant while growing up).As well giving bones to a dog which can cause a lot of intestinal or digestive problems due to negligent chewing and devouring.
    It is a shame to find so many dog and cat foods do not live up to their “suppose to” standards and we as consumers and animal lovers may cause occurring problems because of the many ongoing myths we believe in and taking them for granted. Thank you for helping to bust those myths with articles like this one.

  2. Many dog foods today are just a self-pitching promotion advertised by dog food companies without real benefits for our dogs.

    You’re right we should be more aware of the foods that we feed our dog and not just take what vets or media say since the well-being of our dogs is our responsibility.


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