Pregnant Cat? 5 Ways to Make Her Feel More Comfortable

If your cat is pregnant, you might be looking forward to having a litter of kittens to fawn over and play with. However, in the meantime, you might be a bit worried about ensuring that your pregnant cat is properly cared for and comfortable. Luckily, following these tips can help.

5 Ways to Make Your Pregnant Cat More Comfortable

5 Tips to Care for a Pregnant Cat


1. Take Your Cat in for a Check-Up

If your cat has not been to the vet since she has become pregnant, it’s important to take her to a veterinarian to be checked out. Your vet can give you information about how far along she is and can make sure that there are no health issues or potential complications that you should be worried about.

2. Feed Your Cat Kitten Food

While your cat is pregnant, and then while she is nursing, she will need more calories than usual. To ensure that your cat is getting enough to eat, consider switching to a kitten food rather than an adult cat food, and boost her portions. Plus, it will be handy to have kitten food on hand for when the little ones are born!

3. Create a Safe Space

Your cat will want a safe place to have her kittens, so make sure that you provide her with this space. A nice box with a blanket inside should be sufficient. You can try placing the box in a quiet area of your home, but know that your cat will probably choose a spot of her own. Pay attention to where she tends to go and hide, and consider placing her box in this area.

4. Give Her Some Peace and Quiet

While pregnant, your cat will need plenty of time to rest and relax. Even though she will probably want plenty of attention, too, consider giving her space and allowing her to have some peace and quiet when she wants it.

5. Make Jumping Easier

If your cat likes to jump up high, such as on a cat tree, she might find that she has a bit of trouble doing this as she gets further along in her pregnancy. Consider making it easier and safer for her by placing a stool or other item near her favorite high-up spots to give her a little bit of a boost.

Taking care of a pregnant cat is easier than you probably think. Follow these five tips, and consult a veterinarian if you think anything is amiss or if you have any questions. Then, you should not have anything to worry about while waiting for the litter of kittens to arrive.


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