What Can You Do to Safely Help if Your Dog is in Pain?

What Can You Do to Safely Help if Your Dog is in Pain?

Guest Writer: Matt Rhoney

To many animal lovers, pets can almost be like a child. You strive to take the best possible care of your pet, and you always try to make sure he or she is happy. The problem with animals, though, is that they’re unable to communicate to humans what they’re feeling. While we may be able to recognize that something is wrong, we might also have no idea where the issue stems from or how we can make it better. What can you do if your dog seems to be hurting? What can you do to safely help alleviate the pain?

What can you do if your dog seems to be hurting? What can you do to safely help alleviate the discomfort if your dog is in pain?

How Do You Know if Your Dog is in Pain?

Because it’s not possible for dogs to communicate with humans via words, it’s important that we pay close attention to our pet’s behavior. Are they acting strangely? If so, it’s worth getting checked out just to make sure nothing is going on that we’re unable to see.

Depending on the situation, a relatively obvious sign of pain is limping. Limping could mean they’ve injured a muscle while running, or perhaps they’ve stepped on something. There are other possibilities as well. These, however, may not be quite as straightforward, so it’s imperative that you bring your dog to the vet if you know that he is limping.

One of the most recognizable causes for concern would be any whimpering coming from your dog. Any noises that he makes that just don’t sound like your normal pup could mean that they’re in pain or uncomfortable.

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What Can You Do to Help?

In any situation, it’s probably best just to bring your dog to the veterinarian if you sense something is wrong. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to fur-children. Expert advice is most likely needed.

Be careful not to give your dog any medications that he wasn’t prescribed. Even if you feel they’re in a great deal of pain, anything could happen – and again, your pup wouldn’t be able to tell you what he is feeling. Stick to medicine the vet prescribes to help avoid any negative reactions or harm caused to the liver or kidneys.

Something else to be weary of is that if your dog got hurt and you’re trying to tend to the wound, your pooch could end up getting pretty feisty with you about it. Be extra careful when dealing with a sore spot. The last thing you want is for yourself to end up needing stitches on top of everything else!

According to personal injury attorney, Scott Gottlieb, your first priority should be to seek appropriate emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. If your dog isn’t feeling well and snaps at someone, as the owner of the dog, you could be held responsible. Let your pup get the rest he or she needs so that they’ll be their friendly, loving, tail-wagging self again soon!


What Can You Do to Safely Help if Your Dog is in Pain?” was written by Matt Rhoney

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  1. Great Info Matt & Jeanne,

    what i do is analyze when your furbaby behavior is strange, when s/he was not wagging tail, strange staring to you and did not answer your call, or unusual behavior which we thought was strange then you should check out what the problem is, go to play with s/he, give some treat, little walk in the park can make it back to being fit again, but if s/he chose silence, agree with you: it’s better to go to the vet for the best expert advice


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