Raising an American Eskimo Puppy, Dog Breed Training

Raising an American Eskimo Puppy

You’re welcoming a brand-new dog into your home, and it’s none other than an American Eskimo puppy. These affectionate, even-tempered dogs are among the most intelligent and obedient companions, but it takes some work to get there. They’re hugely curious and investigative pups, but that also means it takes time and energy to keep them stimulated and entertained. Here are some tips for raising an American Eskimo puppy, though these tips can help with most dog breeds.

Raising an American Eskimo Puppy, Dog Breed Training

When it comes to raising a puppy, it’s possible to be too hands-on. If you’re ever-present in your dog’s life, they could develop separation anxiety and make any attempt you have at going out into a bigger ordeal. First and foremost, don’t make a big fuss about leaving or returning to your dog when they’re young. Allow them to get excited upon your return, but don’t escalate it beyond a few moments. Give the puppy some space on his own, such as in a room separate from you with a toy and allow him to entertain himself. This period shouldn’t last very long, but get them acclimated to time alone, so their well-being doesn’t depend on having you in sight.

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Properly raising an American Eskimo puppy means enrolling your new family member in a training course. Not only will this familiarize them with meeting strangers, but it will also help create a structure for housebreaking and training. Supplement training classes with at-home exercises for well-mannered dogs, like learning to sit, lay down, and stay. Using firm, but kind, discipline will develop a puppy that grows up to be a beloved family member.

Raising an American Eskimo Puppy, Dog Breed Training

Depending on the size of your new family member, the space he needs is going to vary widely. Toy breeds of American Eskimo are much smaller and obviously won’t need as much space, but the larger dogs are going to want plenty of areas to run and play. If you don’t have a large back- or front-yard, research dog parks or other dog-friendly locales for your dog to stretch his legs.

When crate-training your American Eskimo dog, make sure the crate is large enough for him to comfortably stand up inside. Keeping your dog cooped up inside your home, or their crate creates stress for them and makes future training more difficult.

Your puppy is in his budding growth stages, and you should mind that carefully. Introduce the puppy to new things gently and at its own pace. New experiences can make your dog friendlier and more eager to please, but negative experiences can significantly harm his adventurous and enthusiastic attitude. New people, places, and other dogs should be presented to them at a distance and let the puppy approach. Reward the curiosity and good behavior with praise and rewards. Get the puppy used to all sorts of handling, from being picked up and stroked to just having their paws touched. Having these everyday occurrences will help with grooming and vet visits when he’s an adult.

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Plan your new dog’s routine in a way that will work for you as he grows. Feed him at regular hours each day, usually 2-3 times, depending on your portion size. Don’t leave food out for your pup to graze, or he will grow complacent with the ever-present food. You can be sure he’s eating healthy, reasonable amounts if meals are scheduled. Likewise, be mindful of what comes out the other end. As gross as it may be, your dog’s stool is a good indicator of their health. Any signs of diarrhea or blood and you should see a vet as soon as possible. Vet bills can rack up even with famously healthy breeds like the American Eskimo, so consider pet insurance to help with the unforeseen. Take the initiative to microchip your dog, in the event that they get lost.

Raising an American Eskimo Puppy, Dog Breed Training

Always remember that your dog is a puppy; you can’t expect him to act like a mature adult dog out of the gate, and the “teenage” years aren’t going to be a seamless transition. Keep your puppy entertained with a plethora of toys, particularly the ones that allow teething in healthy ways. There are plenty of toys that not only entertain but stimulate your dog’s problem-solving skills, making them less antsy and restless during downtime. It’s important to recognize good puppy behavior rather than bad behavior, such as when a puppy nips or chews. Don’t punish your puppy for tiny nibbles, but also sternly indicate that it’s not acceptable behavior. They’re only children and should be given a measure of leeway, particularly when training.

Raising an American Eskimo puppy with great care and training are going to change your lifestyle, so don’t pretend otherwise. With proper preparation and routines in place, you can welcome your new pet into your family smoothly and foster a great relationship that will last a lifetime. American Eskimos aren’t the easiest breeds for new dog owners, but they can easily be the most rewarding.


Raising an American Eskimo Puppy, Dog Breed Training

Jayson Goetz is a writer from Phoenix, ArizonaGuest Writer: Jayson Goetz is a writer from Phoenix, Arizona who loves pets. He is a proud owner of a beautiful puppy and wants to share the joys of pet ownership with others.  He hopes to encourage people to keep their pets happy and healthy year-round.

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