Rescuing Rosie, A Tale of Two Women and a Rottweiler

Rescuing Rosie

A Tale of Two Women and a Rottweiler

“Rescuing Rosie” is a story of a Rottweiler and two compassionate women who found the dog in the Neerabup National Park in Western Australia.  The Rottweiler had apparently been living on her own in the Park for over a year.  The two women felt compelled to enable the dog to have a good home, but the dog would not approach them.  With a little time and a lot of patience ….  Well, I won’t spoil it for you.  Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Rescuing Rosie – Published on Jun 24, 2014

Rosie was rescued on April 2nd 2013.  This video was made to celebrate that day.

Local rangers had given up on trying to trap her so when these women found out the Rottweiler was alone out there, they made it their mission to get her out of the bush.

It took 3 months of going to the bush everyday to gain her trust and bring her home.

Rosie was taken in for a couple of days by The Rottweiler Rescue of Western Australia while they prepared to introduce her to their own dogs and her forever home with them. The Rescue center supported them with advice and sent a trainer out to help them build Rosie’s confidence.

It was difficult to gain her trust and to get her used to the world and everyday things.  The good news is that Rosie is gaining more confidence each day and is now enjoying a normal dogs life, full of love.

Rescuing Rosie


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17 thoughts on “Rescuing Rosie, A Tale of Two Women and a Rottweiler”

  1. What an awesome story .. Rottis are the kindest dogs i know , we have a Rotti and pitbull mix hes the sweetest boy ever , i love him to pieces , Rosie is a beauty 🙂 and you do an amazing thing by rescuing these sweet babies bravo to you 🙂

  2. With all the craziness in the world, it is so good to hear stories like this!! Thank goodness for exceptional people with such kind hearts!

  3. This was such a heart warming article. I am glad this dog ended up with a wonderful home. Thank you for sharing

  4. Great share Jeanne. I, too, have adopted a loving Rottweiler and he has added years to my life. Thank you for reminding us of the simple love, yet profound LOVE an animal can give. Im gonna go kiss my Rott now. 🙂

  5. Such a Heartwarming story i was in tears when i saw the video on youtube. i always feel we should treat animals with lots of patience and care.

  6. Beautiful story! These women are wonderful. As a mom to 15 rescued critters (finned, feathered, furred, etc.) I know exactly how hard it was to do what they did. Their dedication and love is commendable.

  7. (Rescuing Rosie, A Tale of Two Women and a Rottweiler) We use to have a rottweiler dog named Tama when we lived down in Texas. She was a great watch dog and the kids just loved her so much. She died a few years ago, and has been dearly missed.

  8. I Love Animals and Have Since I was a Little Girl! It’s So Good to Hear Animal Stories that Actually have a Happy Ending! I can’t Stand to See Any Animal Being Mistreated or Abused! Some People Shouldn’t be Allowed to Have Animals! I Take Care of My Neighbors Dog b/c he leaves him tied up to the Tree and Rarely pays him Any Attention! I feed him twice a day & Give him Ice Water! How can People be So Cruel & Heartless to Just Leave an Animal Out in these Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold! They Should do the Very Same thing to that Person and See How they Like it! These Animals are Gods Creatures and it’s Our Job to Take Care of them! I have 3 Rescued Pets, 2 Cats and I Dog and I could Not Imagine Life without them! It’s an Honor & a Privilege to be a Pet Owner and I’m the Lucky One for having that Opportunity to have them in My Life! Animals’ Lives are So Short so we should Treat them with Kindness & Respect Every Day! I’m Glad you Posted this Story and that you are as Passionate about Animals as I am! Thanks So Much & God Bless! Jana Williams

  9. What a sweet sweet story.I am a big animal lover,
    and anyone who goes out of their way to save a dog,
    is top notch in my eyes.


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